Archinect - University of New Mexico 2024-05-19T23:44:55-04:00 Random Week 2 Thoughts suzmudpud 2005-09-01T21:02:03-04:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <p>So far, Year 2 of the 3.5 MARCH program seems a bit more manageable than the heinous Year 1. Frequent flashes of "ohmygod i can't believe i'm actually watching a movie and not doing architecture-should i be feeling guilty right now? actually i guess i'm ok, at least for now...but damn i really suck at structures i should probably be reviewing beams right now...hmmm..." continually distracted me while watching HERO last weekend.<br><br> Tho honestly, aren't we all "doing architecture", all the time? Passions/obsessions don't rest for long and any little thing may at any moment (moment about a or b, or would it be the hinge at c sigh) trigger the sleeping dragon. During HERO, it was my silent vow to someday create a space with the feeling of "the emperor's throne room with the blowing green fabric" during the final sword fighting scene...<br><br> I've created a curious and wonderful juxtaposition for myself this semester. I'm taking Digital Design from a late-90s graduate of Columbia's MA...</p> up and running... suzmudpud 2005-08-17T17:11:59-04:00 >2022-05-23T12:01:09-04:00 <p>just gettin up and running, doing a little test while waiting for new (widescreen :-)) laptop to make its much-awaited appearance.<br><br> quick foray through the archinect job postings results in a daunting list of software it looks like we will be/are in the process of/should be freaking out about learning to be remotely employable in the future:<br><br> AutoCAD<br> 3D Studio Max<br> Rhino<br> Dreamweaver or HTML<br> AutoDesk Architectural Desktop<br> PhotoShop<br> Illustrator<br> SketchUp<br> Maya<br> Revit<br> Vectorworks<br> formZ<br> Flash <br><br> better get on that. snap snap. glad i have so much free time. <br><br> school starts monday. general pollee reaction ranges from stunned disbelief to general panic and immediate trip to liquor store.<br><br></p>