Archinect - The realitivity in Architecture 2021-09-28T03:49:59-04:00 Journey to the center of Architecture Cristian Pizano 2021-05-03T14:45:34-04:00 >2021-05-03T14:45:34-04:00 <p>Everyone wants to instill the desire to persevere in the world they have designed to live in throughout the course of their lifetime. In this desire, they have utilized the failures of their past in respect to circumstances and situations that have uplifted them to become the better version of themselves. However, their desire may only become a glimpse of a collection of areas of success they have yet to explore. Needless to say, this advice is evidently targeted to the insights on how I view the world around me and its relationships with my own desires, perspectives, and ideas about the world.&nbsp;</p> <p>Architecture sparked my interest the moment I, as an 8-year-old boy, decided to take my Lunchables alongside a caprisun to work with my dad. As a carpenter, his level of creativity excelled my performative views on how well he executed his wood craftsmanship based on the technicality in the drawings he composed together before creating some sort of artifact. I was amazed at how well he was a...</p> Coverage to the real Cristian Pizano 2021-04-12T14:54:36-04:00 >2021-04-20T13:01:05-04:00 <p>We all want to elicit the best of what we do whether it is at school, whether it is at work, even when it is at home. I&rsquo;m sure it is simple to say that you want to ensure your parents know that you can clean and cook and cater to your needs without their support, let alone succeed at your best at both work and school. You also want to go above and beyond to make sure your boss doesn&rsquo;t keep reminding you of the millions of tasks you said you could handle in your resume. You expect to have 12 drawings posted a day before your review along with multiple perspectives renders so your professor can realize you amazingly differ from the entire class even though you don&rsquo;t realize you have an 8GB RAM and the plotter will stop working the next morning. However, it may seem that there is a misconception on how we represent the things we are best at and why we do it at such an excelled level just to receive recognition for it.&nbsp;</p> <p>In terms of architecture school, we always want to ensure that the ...</p> Architecture as an Image Cristian Pizano 2021-03-10T13:48:25-05:00 >2021-04-19T16:52:22-04:00 <p>I think it's feasible to illustrate how people have seen architecture through the modern era and the current world we live in today. When asking non-architecture students what they imagine when they think about the word &ldquo;architecture&rdquo; they look at the Falling water Residence by Frank Lloyd Wright and signify the key element of its modern and conceptual design. You look over your shoulder and find that your siblings and family are talking about how well you have excelled in math to be able to get into architecture school, needless to say, my math teacher wasn&rsquo;t any close to being right when he said calculus is a key element in architecture school, I know he wasn&rsquo;t talking about calculating the derivative of<strong>&nbsp;<strong></strong></strong>e to the power of x while making floor plans and breaking my head to solve key elements and conceptual aspects in my model at 2 am. However, you start to ask the same non-architecture student what architect they know best and they mention Frank Ghery or Le Corbusier.&nbsp;</p> <p>It&rsquo;s the int...</p> More Within the Unknown Cristian Pizano 2021-02-28T20:29:27-05:00 >2021-03-14T01:54:25-05:00 <p>Through the midst of time, people have evidently decided whether knowledge is a cognitive aspect to our needs for understanding things more efficiently or if it is a necessary asset that is required for our own development and growth. In this sense, it is ideal to provide the perspective on how knowledge is represented and how it considers co-existing within our internalized world that is abruptly linked within the factually and conscious externalized world we live in. However, this ultimately brings the question of how architecture is studied thoroughly.&nbsp;</p> <p>Knowledge is represented as something that has familiarity within a certain perspective, aspect, subject, or even a skillset. In addition, it can be attained to have a plethora of information that one can acquire based on education and practice/experience. On the contrary, this familiarity can also be devoted to a theoretical or practical understanding of a certain aspect that is evident within each person&rsquo;s life, changing ways in...</p>