Archinect - The Human Experience 2024-06-18T23:55:38-04:00 Light Phenomena Christopher Staggs AIA, NCARB 2012-06-08T19:47:00-04:00 >2013-10-10T16:55:05-04:00 <p> My initial thoughts are to create a wider dialogue around what influences, makes, impacts, and creates the human experience of architecture, or more broadly, the human experience of space. &nbsp;I have personally experienced incredible moments of inspiration in the smallest and largest of spaces, and believe many ingredients come together to 'make' this experience; movement, light quality, color, textures, geometry, frame of mind, etc. &nbsp;</p> <p> Beginning with light, perhaps because it is the most basic of natural phenomena which influence our experience. &nbsp;Scientists, explorers, designers, architects have been searching for explanations of light, in general, for centuries. &nbsp;My question is how does light, or the particular qualities of light mold our experience of space?</p> <p> Perhaps this blog can become an amazing collection of thoughts and ideas explaining, thinking, considering, in a variety ways, what makes and influences the human experience.</p>