Archinect - PHD @ Georgia Tech 2017-08-20T02:20:02-04:00 PhD group @Gatech online! ornouveo 2011-10-31T17:56:22-04:00 >2011-10-31T17:56:22-04:00 <p> Hi All,</p> <p> This is the first message for all the Phd students who have joined archinect. I have received good news from the founders that they are currently working on a system that would enable multiple authors that will enable everyone to submit new entries. Meanwhile, I will be posting stuff about new announcements of our meetings and other type of news that I would like to share.&nbsp;</p> <p> I hope this would turn out as a great opportunity for everyone to both grow and connect...</p> <p> best wishes,</p> <p> Sabri</p>