Archinect - Pennzoil Place: Reflections and Parallels 2024-05-19T17:01:38-04:00 Pennzoil Place: Reflections and Parallels Kaylan 2015-05-08T19:58:40-04:00 >2015-05-13T14:41:44-04:00 <p>Pennzoil Place is the home of Pennzoil&rsquo;s office spaces of Houston, Texas. The architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee partner with a local Houston architecture firm, S.I. Morris Associates, in order to create Pennzoil Place and complete it in 1975. Philip Johnson is well-known for his modernist designs, and he introduced a post-modernism era. Pennzoil Place became Johnson&rsquo;s first ever post-modernist building. This revolutionary piece of architecture became one of Houston&rsquo;s most award-winning skyscrapers, and it continues to bring a dramatic silhouette to the Houston skyline. For the first time, architects think outside the &ldquo;modernist glass box&rdquo; design and give Pennzoil Place a unique identity. Pennzoil is thirty-six stories high with a dazzling trapezoidal shape, forty-five-degree geometry, and reflective symmetry. Pennzoil Place is composed of brown glass and aluminum, which are meant to help lower costs of construction and function. The brown glass is reflective and this helps w...</p>