Archinect - Kent State University [Justin] 2021-06-17T17:37:42-04:00 An Introduction [And Why It Took So Long] Justin DeCarlucci 2012-02-28T14:50:02-05:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <p> I suppose this introduction may be a bit overdue, but here I am.</p> <p> <br> The obvious first. My name is Justin and I'm an architecture major at Kent State University College of Architecture and Environment Design.</p> <p> <br> Now for supporting details. I'm currently in my third year, studying abroad in Florence, Italy - which is, in public opinion, the 'cradle of the renaissance.'&nbsp; I have an acute case of being all over the place, which is likely what brought me here - both as an architecture student and more specifically, this blog.</p> <p> <br> Sometimes I think I have an inherent aversion to blogging in general, as blogs in general often tend to fit into a certain niche filled with truisms and a particular personality which I hope to avoid becoming to whoever decides to follow along with my posts.</p> <p> <br> This may be why I have stalled so long in putting together any sort of introduction for the blog, but hopefully my posting&nbsp;procrastination will not continue in the future. I intend to make a post a we...</p>