Archinect - GSAPP Columbia University (Wayne) 2017-10-20T06:55:15-04:00 Vote for labRAD Wayne Congar 2008-09-23T03:14:33-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Today, <a href="" target="_blank">The Storefront for Art &amp; Architecture</a> released the much-anticipated <a href="" target="_blank">results </a>for the White House Redux Competition. White House 2.0, a <a href="" target="_blank">labRAD</a> entry collaboratively produced by co-founders <a href="" target="_blank"> Arielle Assouline-Lichten</a> and myself, was awarded 3rd prize out of 500 or so entries from 42 nations. The entry will be featured in an exhibition at The Storefront for Art &amp; Architecture in New York opening October 2nd and published in <a href="" target="_blank">White House Redux: The Book</a>, chronicling 123 submissions to the call for ideas. Needless to say, we're ecstatic!<br><br> However, we need the help of the Archinect community! With the competition <a href="" target="_blank">jury</a> having made its final decision, we're hoping that you, the in-the-know architecture crowd, will wield your collective voice, voting White House 2.0 as your favorite project out of the 40+ shortlisted entries. <br><br> There is a benevolent side to what might be misunderstood as a shameless campaigning--the competition organizers at The Storefront for Art &amp; Architecture, by ad...</p> Studio Lottery: Before & After Wayne Congar 2008-09-07T05:40:31-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <b>Before</b> (I wrote this first part on Wednesday, during Palin's speech):<br><br> It's another night watching the American political circus/soap opera unfold and instead of wasting more time bickering on politi-blogs with other chronic comment posters, I figured I'd instead spend the energy writing on an issue with a bit less consequence, the 2nd year Housing Studio lottery at the GSAPP!<br><br> So, here are the candidates:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">Laura Kurgan</a><br><a href=";system_id=10661" target="_blank">Fred Levrat</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Scott Marble</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Robert Marino</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Karla Rothstein</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Ada Tolla &amp; Giuseppe Lignano</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">David Turnbull</a><br><a href="" target="_blank">Michael Bell</a><br><br> And here are the talking points according to my former classmates (advisors), now 3rd year veterans of Housing Studio:<br><br> Laura Kurgan: There's an emphasis on the diagram perhaps to the detriment of architecture--in other words, the research doesn't yields graphic design rather than built environment.<br><br> Fred Levrat: Rarely shows up and somewhat disinterested in students' progression.<br><br> Scott Marble: CNC, water jet, laser cutter, steel, glass, wood, fabrication masturba... Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Wayne Wayne Congar 2008-09-01T13:12:26-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>I suspect the litigious Jay-Z management team doesn't read the Archinect school blog project, so I'm probably free from any intellectual property suit. (Don't sue me Jay, thanks)<br><br> Anyway, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself (after my first blog post), frame this blog and give a tentative prediction as to its content. I hope the blog can accomplish a number of things. For one, it will contribute to the goal of the school blog project generally: to give insight into the student process at architecture programs throughout the world. I'm an architecture student, have some friends at some other architecture schools, have worked a bit, so (like every other student), may be qualified not only give a peek into the crowded inner-workings of the GSAPP, but offer some comparison to how it's done at other places and how firms out in the working world think of the architects the programs are churning out. <br><br> Also, I intend the blog to work for me like a thought storage facility (...</p> Architourism! Wayne Congar 2008-08-27T01:39:28-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>For most of us school begins next week after Labor Day weekend. For some of us, that means we'll spend the next week grasping onto the waning days of summer in a futile attempt to delay school's start and the hours basking in the eerie glow of a computer monitor. You could head to the beach to work on your tan on stretches of sand so crowded you can leave your towel at home--why not just lie on top of one of the millions of strangers littered across the beach? Maybe there's an alternative: save the beach for the second weekend of school (neither school nor the beach is so busy) and take the next week partaking in that age old architecture student past time: Architourism!<img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br><br> In 2005 Prestel Publishing released Architourism: Authentic, Escapist, Exotic, Spectacular, a &ldquo;cure for the average tourbook&rdquo; edited by Joan Ockman, Director of the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at the GSAPP and Salomon Frausto, currently Head of the Architectural Broadcasting Pro...</p>