Archinect - Georgia Institute of Technology (Mike) 2017-08-20T21:02:15-04:00 This Is Who We Are mikedbennett 2010-04-20T13:00:23-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>2 months ago, Luke, May, Chuck, and Myself had a meeting with Dean Balfour to unveil our plan to build the GaTech COA&rsquo;s reputation up over the next few years in the academic and professional community. Luke and I have been discussing a fresh lecture series for next year, and we recently brought the grey matter(s) online publication into the mix. Here is what we will be proposing:<br><br> 1. A lecture series run almost entirely by students.<br> Students make contact and continue correspondance with the Lecture guest.<br> Students will devise a theme [consistent ideal] to link the semester&rsquo;s lectures together.<br> Student will be responsible for entertaining guest when they are in Atlanta.<br> A relevant poster to accompany the lecture series that can be distributed to architecture schools across the nation and attract interest in the school for graduate school [new GSA]<br> 2. A school publication with 80-100 pages of student work, faculty papers, and grey matter(s) content.<br> This publication should also ...</p> [graduate] design education mikedbennett 2009-10-11T02:51:14-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:18-04:00 <p>In my design studio this semester we have been having an ongoing discussion about the past, present and future of design education. This has in turn spilled over into my other [theory] classes and has developed into the concentration of what little free time I have.<br><br> There is an opinion out there that poses architectural education to be some kind of open door humanitarian effort with the aim of bringing everyone to their level and creating an environment where everyone is an architect and no one is at the same time. They hold up ideas of collaboration as a means to achieve something higher, and to a certain extent I believe they may be on to something, but involvement of other professions into architecture can be dangerous to the field itself. The mentality/thought process of non-design professions are usually in no way similar and are often opposite to those in architecture. The debate of collaboration could go on for eternity, but my point here is actually a question for design ed...</p>