Archinect - Elemental Urbanism 2021-01-20T18:46:38-05:00 MaMuCre (pr. mah-moo-cray) def. Math Music Creation; the generation of everything produced. James Pereira 2017-01-20T17:47:00-05:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <p>MaMuCre (pr. mah-moo-cray)&nbsp;def. Math Music Creation; the generation of everything produced.</p><p>If you disagree, acclimatize yourself with existence. &nbsp;Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (Vitruvius), the ancient Roman Architect, proclaimed that a structure must exhibit the three qualities of&nbsp;<em>firmitas, utilitas and venustas;&nbsp;</em>meaning that it must be solid, useful and beautiful. These are sometimes termed the Vitruvian Triad and today these are loosely translated that great constructions must have&nbsp;<em>form, function or structure</em>. &nbsp;The actual tripartite makeup of any mass, shall apply to everything as follows:</p><p>A - Foundation; Basis</p><p>B - Middle; Story/Point</p><p>C - Top; Finale</p><p>Examples:</p><p>Classical Columns: A - Base, B - Shaft, C - Capital</p><p>EDM Song Structure: A - Intro, B - Hook/Melody, C - Breakdown</p><p>Sushi: A - Rice, B - Fish, C - Soy Sauce&nbsp;</p><p>Cell: A - Plasma Membrane, B - Cytoplasm, C - Nucleus</p><p>A Story:&nbsp;A - Characters, B - Confilict, C - Resolution</p><p>In simplest form, every object is derived from a complex arrangement of eleme...</p> Elemental Urbanism [The beginning of endlessness] James Pereira 2016-12-07T01:56:00-05:00 >2019-01-05T12:31:03-05:00 <p>One can argue that any object, item, space, and certainly city can be viewed by others in different ways based on that individual&rsquo;s past.&nbsp; But what about the present; a realization of what you are experiencing based on the current conditions.&nbsp; <strong>Does what exist, should exist?</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>I often wonder if all cities should be shaped like Rome; a city that is enormous yet walk-able with all paths, traversed with linking plazas that lead to monumental icons; Utopia. &nbsp;Many major cities now look as merely a cemetery of parts; buildings, street grids, and parks creating a city-scape of cluster.&nbsp; Even an individual condo unit within a building can be looked at similarly to a microscopic level.&nbsp; This is due to evolution, program, and constraints which altogether create elements that limit possibility.&nbsp; Evolution is the duration of time from initial planning, implementation, then essentially to what exists today.&nbsp; What comes out of this is the program that must be dealt with. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Political figureheads hav...</p>