Archinect - Coffee and Blueprints 2017-10-18T18:22:25-04:00 MONU Issue 17: Next Urbanism Review Hajir Alttahir 2012-12-05T11:53:00-05:00 >2012-12-28T10:31:05-05:00 <p> MONU&rsquo;s latest issue on Next Urbanism explores the pre-existing and future possibilities of the eleven countries, identified by Goldman Sachs, that are predicted to follow in the BRIC economies footsteps.&nbsp; It is unsurprising that these countries will generate speculation following the years of interest and research surrounding the BRIC phenomena. Despite the Next Eleven being less cohesive as a grouping, the 17th issue of Magazine on Urbanism did reveal a collection of common themes, one of the most prominent, the significance of networks that traverse spatial, municipal and national boundaries. As Saskia Sassen states in her interview, with Editor Bernd Upmeyer, it is more cogent to analyse the emerging urban geopolitics and the increasing collaboration between global cities. The future urban networks and geopolitical vectors will hold a noticeable importance over the current conventional hierarchies, particularly with regards to the speed and efficiency of transnational collabora...</p>