Archinect - ArchiKatze 2017-10-19T01:30:17-04:00 After a whole day's work on the model Villa Stein luluisacat 2012-09-15T13:59:41-04:00 >2012-09-15T13:59:41-04:00 <p> Yep it's the first blog I'll write here in Archinect. Don't know how to begin with. Virtually after a whole day's work on the model Villa Stein I'm exhausted now and I just want a good night's sleep. However I'm sitting in front of the screen right now, hoping to mark the day that I start a new journey in my architecture career. Yes it is. After one year's study in TJU, I start to realize that I need a better way to record my study life and my works in university life. And Archinect seems to offer everything I need. So I'll start my new journey here. I'm gonna study hard, and share my thinkings and my works in this blog.</p> <p> It's quite odd for me. Writing things in a language I'm not really familiar with. Especially when I have stopped using this language for a year. But I will start learnning English again by reading more and writing more. One day I will catch up with the ME who had got 111 in toefl two years ago.</p> <p> I'll enjoy my journey here. Hope you enjoy my story too.</p> <p> PS: I l...</p>