Archinect - Arch|Digital 2017-08-21T01:01:43-04:00 "The Interactive Facade" - An interactive facade optimized for daylighting and pedestrian response Davide Madeddu 2012-08-19T07:14:00-04:00 >2012-08-28T03:01:00-04:00 <p> There are well documented studies that show the potential of the use of genetic algorithm (GA) in architecture and engineering. Numerous studies focuses on the application of the GA in the exploration of performance based fa&ccedil;ade design with single or multi&#8208;objective optimization to satisfy the illuminance and glare requirements. As part of an ongoing research on the use of the GAs in the built environment, this project investigates on the potential of their application in an interactive fa&ccedil;ade design with a multiobjective optimization.<br> The objective was to develop an adaptive building fa&ccedil;ade to provide the optimum light conditions in the interior and to perform as interactive device for the exterior reacting to weather conditions and pedestrian activity. The fa&ccedil;ade act as a sort of medium to play and communicate with outside while maintain the privacy for the activities inside the building.<br> The fa&ccedil;ade is based on a series of shading device modules that can change aperture and ti...</p> Kinect + Grasshopper . . . testing Davide Madeddu 2012-07-18T05:22:40-04:00 >2012-07-23T20:02:24-04:00 <p> Just a simple test about how to interact with digital objects in grasshopper using a Kinect.</p> <p> More to come..stay tuned!</p> <p> DM</p> Just for fun! Kinect + Maya Davide Madeddu 2012-07-08T04:36:00-04:00 >2012-07-08T11:26:24-04:00 <p> A skeleton setup in Maya controlled with Kinect. Processing sends xyz coordinates of the joints to Maya with the UDP protocol. Unfortunately there is a small lag between Processing and Maya, but it works!</p> <p> <br> A simple HowTo!</p> <p> **Premise: This is a very simple test, maybe you can find an easy way to do this or a more fast code.</p> <p> I used SimpleOpenNI and UDP libraries in Processing and Python UDP Socket in Maya.<br> The code in Processing and Python is very simple, and implement UDP commands to send xyz coordinates to Maya via UDP protocol with Python.</p> <p> In Processing you can start from scratch or open a basic SimpleOpenNI example and edit it. Basically, I followed these steps:<br> First of all you will need to install the UDP libraries in Processing ;-)<br> Define UDP object<br> Create the PVector to store the joint coordinates<br> Define the UDP message with the values of PVector.x,PVector.y,PVector.z<br> Use void drawSkeleton from SimpleOpenNI libraries.</p> <p> You can download the Processing sketch &lt;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">h...</a></p>