Archinect - Blogs 2018-08-16T18:01:04-04:00 Chaitanya Korra chaitanya korra 2018-04-05T01:57:00-04:00 >2018-04-05T02:12:51-04:00 <p>Chaitanya Korra is an Architectural Designer based in New Mexico. He's currently studying Master of Architecture in University of New Mexico. He worked as a designer and instructor in India across various fields of design including Architecture, Interior design, Urban design. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture from JNAFA University, India in April 2014. This Blog represents his Research on Architecture, Urbanism and Travel.</p> Summer School at the Architectural Association, London Natashsa Sandmeier 2018-04-03T17:26:00-04:00 >2018-08-12T07:00:14-04:00 <p>This blog is for the Summer School at the Architectural Association- a program that brings together students from 18 years old and up. The full-time three-week course presents a challenging programme of design studios, field study, seminars and lectures. It offers participants a range of diverse design approaches, agendas and techniques, and represents a uniquely intensive and intimate environment that aims to expand formal and intellectual resources. The course is aimed creative minds. </p> Reflections of my Duplexity sdonnelly 2018-01-24T20:01:00-05:00 >2018-08-16T07:00:08-04:00 <p>The reflections, recollections, and insights from the viewpoint of a dual-masters student here at the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture. My three year journey to obtain a Masters of Architecture and a Master of Urban Design has brought me, and will continue to take me, through some of the most incredible, toughest, happiest, and satisfying moments and experiences of my life. Please join me through the wanderlust that is my design and academic expedition.</p> M.C.Escher - The Graphic Work Wiam Becharef 2017-12-19T03:58:00-05:00 >2017-12-19T18:01:07-05:00 <p>To describe this blog, i must refer to all the main lithographs and wood-engravings done by the artist Escher. He linked Nature, Geometry &amp; Abstract Art in a rhythmic way that is worth studying over and over again. I am attached personally to this exercise as i remember it was one of the first assignments given to us; students of first year in architecture school. I did not take the best mark on that assignment, i wasn't that much of an artist i believed!. so here i am...</p> 'Architecture' as a 'Thinking' Pranav Varshney 2017-12-17T14:21:00-05:00 >2018-07-29T07:00:08-04:00 <p>Architecture is all about thinking. The more you think about the solutions of any architectural problem, the more architectural feelings you will get to design .Thinking depends upon the perception &amp; perception gradually increases with experiences. Just because of acquiring some personal opinion, we architects generally thought some quotes to define the architecture. Here my perspective &amp; my personal quote is " architecture is a shadow ". I like to create my blog to spread my thinking to world.</p> Future Space David Lehman 2017-12-12T17:52:00-05:00 >2018-07-18T07:00:11-04:00 <p>An exploration of the worlds of design and architecture, showcasing how the industry&rsquo;s push toward tech driven, multidisciplinary approaches will ultimately come to define the spaces in which we work, live, buy, interact, and find inspiration. </p> Stuck in Studio* alyssafellabaum 2017-11-13T12:27:00-05:00 >2018-08-13T07:00:22-04:00 <p>A digital repository for my experiences and thoughts as a UG3/UG4 undergraduate student at the University of Michigan Taubman College. </p> Untitled_WIP Laurila 2017-10-02T18:06:00-04:00 >2018-07-23T07:00:21-04:00 <p>Details, impressions, and all those in between memories deserve a voice. It just so happens architecture school has given me a lot of those. I am a 3-Year Masters of Architecture student at Taubman College at the University of Michigan, and we'll see where this gets us. </p> The Becoming Digital Blog meganmohney 2017-10-02T18:06:00-04:00 >2018-08-14T07:00:11-04:00 <p>This blog will follow student experiences during the BECOMING DIGITAL workshops this semester at Taubman College. Organized by Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure, the program will invite 3 design practices to run a weekend-long experiment, project, or research. The invited designers are Jon May + Zeina Koreitem of MILLIONS, Curtis Roth, and Vivian Lee + James Macgillivray of LAMAS. This semester will be devoted to investigating and challenging the digital environment in which live and work.</p> Changing career at 37 years old... joeuk 2017-10-02T09:15:00-04:00 >2017-10-02T18:07:02-04:00 <p>As both titles suggest. I would like to keep a weekly blog of how I get on. </p> A State Of Architecture Deep Shah 2017-09-24T06:33:00-04:00 >2018-08-05T07:00:17-04:00 <p>This is something I intend to start as a platform to express my perception and interaction with architecture where by using my thoughts, observations, photos i click etc as a medium to express on frequent basis. </p> The Familiar Typology nugent_denise_ 2017-09-18T13:13:00-04:00 >2018-07-27T07:00:20-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>As part of the Cavin Family Traveling Scholarship, this blog aims to research the suburban condition as they exist in different contexts: London, England; Tokyo, Japan; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The prolificacy of suburbia, internationally, serves as a physical archive of domestic norms, political ambitions and topographical responses. This research seeks to decipher how cultural and historical standards have formalized themselves within the familiar context of the suburban home.</p> Signal + Noise Paul Rosenblatt 2017-08-03T17:30:00-04:00 >2017-08-03T17:30:02-04:00 <p>As a practicing architect with a parallel artistic practice and a passion for music and vinyl records, I write about the overlaps and intersections between these different practices and activities. The title of the blog, Signal + Noise, refers to the shifting and elusive relationship between objects and space in architecture, figure and ground in painting, and signal and noise in recorded music. The visual - and aural - instability of contemporary art helps to inform contemporary existence.</p> The Psychology of Architecture and Design dennisleigh 2017-06-27T23:56:00-04:00 >2018-07-25T07:00:05-04:00 <p>This blog is about the interdependence of our state of mind and the built environment. Different life experiences can be turned into metaphors and then, transformed into shapes and colors that affect how we live our lives. </p> Constellations of Tijuana Orhan Ayyüce 2017-05-30T13:14:00-04:00 >2018-07-24T07:00:13-04:00 <p>Constellations of Tijuana: A research study in Urbanism Old stories, new finds, physical and fictional speculations Studies of various grid collisions and political ideologies Planned and spontaneous explorations Creative and generative recording and the study of the city ELA, Escuela Libre De Arquitectura Tijuana, Mexico June - August 2017</p> L'eau Design L'eau Design 2017-04-05T03:46:00-04:00 >2017-04-07T18:29:19-04:00 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> 360 ° Livable Urbanism Mikkel Sølbeck 2017-03-31T13:01:00-04:00 >2018-07-18T07:00:10-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>360 &deg; Livable Urbanism is featuring articles with subjective approaches and theories on how to actively contribute as urban planners in today&rsquo;s modern society with different thematic inputs to sustain and innovate the way we as highly diverse planners facilitate the process of planning towards sustainable cities in balance with the current policy framework, sectors, interest and other relevant aspects. </p> Newton's Notes Erin Sharp Newton 2017-03-21T18:06:00-04:00 >2018-08-11T07:00:11-04:00 <p>Architecture, Design, Humanity. </p> Thirty-five & 5 TAB1006 2017-03-21T11:43:00-04:00 >2018-07-31T07:00:08-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>This is an account of my journey towards licensure, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. At 35, many people, including myself at times, doubt that completion of the journey I started nearly a decade ago can be obtained. But here I am, with 2 years of school and all of my internship ahead of me, finally working in a firm after escaping the world of retail. May these thoughts serve as inspiration for those in doubt, encourage supportive wisdom, and of course, an outlet for frustration!</p> Imaginary Constructions: Architecture In Fictional Media sonairun 2017-03-21T11:43:00-04:00 >2018-07-23T07:00:20-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>The purpose is to examine the architecture within fictional printed and digital environments, (i.e. Video Games, Movies, Graphic Novels, Comics, etc.) in order to provide a different perspective on the built environment, as well as providing insights into how power structures, societal issues, and/or other issues of the built environment are portrayed within these media.</p> Architectural Management Kari 2017-03-14T17:01:00-04:00 >2017-03-14T17:01:32-04:00 <p>Over 91% of architecture firms in the United States have less than 19 employees, which means they may be too small to have a formal management training for their employees. Combine that with the fact that most architects join the profession due to their creative nature, this results in an upward battle when it comes to effective management. This blog aims to gather the most effective best practices and distribute them to help others.</p> The Vacuum RUBEN CABANILLAS RAMOS 2017-02-20T21:48:00-05:00 >2018-07-31T07:00:06-04:00 <p>Go through your favorites architectural daily sources, pass the vacuum, open the Vacuum Bag and voila! we will have enough provocative material to start political, cultural, philosophical and sustainable discussion regarding postmodernism trends in architecture terminology. A several blog entries that will try to filter some current overrated architectural terminologies such as Public Space,or the most common: Green Strategies. </p> Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development heshamierek 2017-02-15T06:35:00-05:00 >2017-02-21T17:41:43-05:00 <p>Urban Planning is a technical and political process concerned with the development and use of land, protection and use of the environment, public welfare, and the design of the urban environment, including air, water, and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, such as transportation, communications, and distribution networks.</p> Creations and Analysis Out of Boredom Sir Batshit Crazy 2017-02-05T23:29:00-05:00 >2018-07-24T07:00:12-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Boredom as&nbsp;a&nbsp;result of too much to do.&nbsp; Too much professional practice&nbsp;architecture.&nbsp; Too much reality. Lots of fiction and lots of history.</p> Radio Architect Farzam Kharvari 2017-01-21T11:58:00-05:00 >2018-08-04T07:00:05-04:00 <p>As the world is developing its way of communication, we, the architects need to be more curious on stuff around us! Rise of different philosophies around the globe, rapid growth in our awareness, transformation of communication types and many more items around are leading the ARCHITECTURE to an absolute new brand of its roots! It is time to ask: are we, the TRANSFORMERS or are we the results of TRANSFORMATIONS of GENIUS LOCUS (the protective spirit of a place)?</p> Urban Architecture Lab Blog lucyq 2017-01-16T14:38:00-05:00 >2017-01-16T14:38:02-05:00 <p>The vision for Urban Architecture Lab is to inspire and educate our community of architects, developers, engineers (and more!) on seeking success in business, leadership, and life. We hope to achieve this by providing content that is relevant to current best practices as well as food for thought with the future in mind.</p> James V. Coane + Associates James V. Coane + Associates 2016-12-13T08:02:00-05:00 >2016-12-14T16:44:56-05:00 <p>James Coane holds the title of Principal Architect of James V. Coane and Associates, an architecture firm located in Pasadena, California.</p> Tokyo Story will galloway 2016-12-05T18:31:00-05:00 >2017-01-15T00:56:15-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>The perspective of a western architect living in the largest megacity in the world</p> Question of the Month +++ Theory of Architecture flop8 2016-11-30T06:12:00-05:00 >2016-12-05T18:32:13-05:00 <p>Theory of Architecture - ranging from trivial to yearning, since 2004, new every month, non academic, at the borders of science, more bewildered and curious. May be you have an answer and you need the question? I am looking forward to an exchange. Please enter the discourse! &bdquo;Every revolution starts with stupid questions.&ldquo; Joseph Beuys</p> Elemental Urbanism James Pereira 2016-11-29T16:04:00-05:00 >2018-08-01T07:00:11-04:00 <p>I often wonder if all cities should be shaped like Rome; a city that is enourmous yet walkable with all paths leading to monumental icons. Many major cities now look as merely a cemetery of parts; buildings, gridded streets, and parks creating a cityscape of cluster. Even an individual apartment building can be looked at similarly to a microscopic level. This is due to evolution, program, and constraints which alltogether create elements that limit possibility. </p>