Archinect - News 2017-10-21T18:55:35-04:00 WATERMARKS Photos Archinect 2011-09-13T00:11:52-04:00 >2011-09-13T20:33:45-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p> The nice folks at Woodbury have sent along some photos of the recent exhibition <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">WATERMARKS: Acqua Alta, Resiliency, and Precise Meanders</a>. Enjoy.</p> <p> <strong>WATERMARKS: Acqua Alta, Resiliency, and Precise Meanders</strong><br> Exhibition | September 7th through September 11th, 2011 scenarios WUHO | 6518 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028</p> <p> The Watermarks installation simulates Venice&rsquo;s Acqua Alta, documents resiliency across the American landscape, and explores representational techniques for water fluctuation.</p> <p> In Venice, Italy high tides annually flood San Marco&rsquo;s Piazza throughout late fall and early winter.&nbsp; During this reoccurring phenomenon, the city deploys elevated walkways at common pedestrian routes allowing foot traffic to carry on regardless of thirty centimeters of standing water. Souvenir shops sell disposable plastic shoe covers allowing tourists to wade through the public water spectacle where new urban unfold within the inundated square.</p> <p> By flooding the gallery floor in Hollywoo...</p> a,DOT INTRODUCING THE 52 ARTISTS! BaBette Scheidt 2011-09-01T17:14:28-04:00 >2011-09-12T17:38:52-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p> Chicago Women in Architecture is excited to announce the 52 artists that will be featured in the &ldquo;architects.DOING OTHER THINGS&rdquo; exhibition organized by CWA as part of Chicago Artists Month 2011, the sixteenth annual celebration of Chicago&rsquo;s vibrant visual art community presented by the Chicago Department of Tourism and Culture. For more information, visit <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br><br> Opening night is October 6th so be sure to mark your calenders!<br><br> And be on the lookout for upcoming posts as we introduce the women behind the artful work of architect | artists, a talented network as diverse as Chicago's neighborhoods.<br><br> FYI, poster design is a collaboration between Mindy Viamontes and Myself.</p> ARTCUBE by Brandon Shigeta - Winner of the Golden Astro Boy Award 2011 bshigeta 2011-08-18T04:55:38-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p> In case you had missed LA's Little Tokyo Design Week back in July, here is the winner of the design week's grand prize, the Golden Astro Boy Award, in detail: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">ARTCUBE</a>, an interactive installation by Los Angeles-based designer Brandon Shigeta:</p> <p> ARTCUBE contains a novel interactive sculpture comprising photographs of the artistic processes and techniques captured by Brandon Shigeta.&nbsp; Stacked into random arrays forming a single cubic massing the sculpture includes hidden signed cards and custom artwork on the surface of the postcards by artists. Perhaps qualifying the exhibit as the heaviest photographic exhibit ever, the sculpture consists of approximately 65,000 postcards of approximately 80 various images to be removed by visitors as souvenirs. The sculpture provides visitors with participatory spatial and tactile experiences in which they remove their favorite images to change the overall form of the mass to reveal new images below. A ceiling mounted camera will record a time-la...</p>