Archinect - News 2017-08-23T06:21:03-04:00 David Chipperfield's stately design for the Shanghai Centre Pompidou revealed Julia Ingalls 2017-08-08T14:42:00-04:00 >2017-08-08T18:05:02-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="456" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p>Stately, elegant, reflective:&nbsp;these adjectives have largely described the work of British architect David Chipperfield, whose structures tend to invite contemplation and pause before hot take Instagramming. His selection as the architect of the West Bund Art Museum in the new cultural center created jointly by the Centre Pompidou and Shanghai's West Bund Group is therefore not surprising, especially in light of <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">China's recent dictate to steer away from "weird"&nbsp;architecture.</a></p> <figure><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></p><figcaption>Image: David Chipperfield Architects</figcaption></figure><p>The renderings for the proposed 25,000 square meter structure display Chipperfield's signature moves: meticulously calibrated volumes stack atop and adjacent to one another near a reflective body of water. The renderings steer away from bold colors, favoring muted pastels. The interior renderings also convey a serene setting: an ample entrance hall is not flooded with visitors, but rather hosts only a receptionist and a single guest, effectively conveying the notion of unharrie...</p> David Chipperfield-designed Hepworth Wakefield named Britain’s Museum of the Year 2017 Alexander Walter 2017-07-06T12:40:00-04:00 >2017-07-06T12:58:19-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="975" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>[...] Art Fund Museum of the Year is awarded annually to one outstanding museum, which, in the opinion of the judges, has shown exceptional imagination, innovation and achievement across the preceding 12 months.&nbsp; The Hepworth Wakefield was selected as winner of the &pound;100,000 prize from a group of five finalists, also including Lapworth Museum of Geology (Birmingham), National Heritage Centre for Horseracing &amp; Sporting Art (Newmarket), Sir John Soane&rsquo;s Museum (London) and Tate Modern (London).</p></em><br /><br /><figure><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></p><figcaption>Photo: Iwan Baan.</figcaption><figcaption></figcaption></figure><p>"The <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Hepworth Wakefield</a> has been a powerful force of energy from the moment it opened in 2011, but it has just kept growing in reach and impact ever since," said Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar. "<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">David Chipperfield</a>&rsquo;s building has proved a perfect stage &ndash; both for the display of collections and as the platform for a breathtaking sequence of special exhibitions, curated with determined originality by the talented curatorial team."</p> <figure><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></p><figcaption>Photo: Iwan Baan.</figcaption><figcaption></figcaption></figure><p>Comprised of a series of 10 small, irregular, trapezoidal blocks, the gallery also won a <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">2012 RIBA Award</a> for architectural excellence and was shortlisted for the <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Stirling Prize in the same year</a>. <br></p> Chipperfield's Jane Street Proposal Faces Vehement Opposition in NYC davvid 2016-06-23T15:43:00-04:00 >2016-06-24T14:40:51-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="791" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>"Plans to raze a two-story parking garage at 11-19 Jane Street and build a... seven-story apartment building designed by ... David Chipperfield came in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission" "Testimony against the development came in droves, with NIMBYs speaking against the project&rsquo;s "inappropriate," "out-of-scale," "travesty" of a design."</p></em><br /><br /><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">New York Yimby</a>&nbsp;has published Chipperfield's entire presentation.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img alt="" src=""></p><p><img alt="" src=""></p><p><img alt="" src=""></p><p><img alt="" src=""></p><p><img alt="" src=""></p><p><img alt="" src=""></p> Tell us what does the EU referendum means to you Ellen Hancock 2016-06-22T11:33:00-04:00 >2016-06-24T02:11:00-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="431" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p>According to a recent poll by the AJ 78% of architects want Britain to remain in the EU. &nbsp;In May David Chipperfield, Richard Rogers, Amanda Levete, and Thomas Heatherwick were among many prolific industry professionals who vocalised their decision to back the remain campaign with an open letter published in the Telegraph.&nbsp;</p><p>With less than 24 hours before voting begins is this percentage still the same? &nbsp;How will the referendum and aftermath affect the industry? And why are you voting to remain or leave? We want to know what you <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">think.</a>&nbsp;</p> Sweden's king voices disapproval of Chipperfield's Nobel Center design Justine Testado 2016-06-03T13:09:00-04:00 >2016-06-07T04:47:05-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="433" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>[King Carl XVI Gustav] said the sprawling brass-clad structure, designed by the British architect David Chipperfield to house the Nobel Foundation and host its prestigious annual prize ceremony, would dominate Stockholm&rsquo;s celebrated 19th-century waterfront... &lsquo;The size of the building is determined by what is necessary for a Nobel Centre. It&rsquo;s not exploiting the value of the land or something &ndash; it&rsquo;s not a developer building, an office building or a hotel...&rsquo; [Chipperfield said.]</p></em><br /><br /><p>King Carl XVI Gustav isn't favorable toward Chipperfield's dominating design plan for the Nobel Center, which inevitably has sparked opposition. But, supporters of the project beg to differ.</p><p>Previously on Archinect:</p><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">David Chipperfield wins Nobel Center architectural competition</a></p><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Nobel Center competition shortlists three teams to move on to stage two</a></p><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Eleven renowned architects present proposals for Stockholm&rsquo;s future Nobel Center</a></p> David Chipperfield selects Simon Kretz as his 2016-17 Rolex Arts protégé Justine Testado 2016-05-24T17:20:00-04:00 >2016-06-01T01:49:20-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="432" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p>Swiss architect Simon Kretz is the lucky prot&eacute;g&eacute; who will get to work with David Chipperfield in a year-long architecture mentorship from the 2016-17 Rolex Arts Initiative. The prestigious philanthropic program allows rising young artists worldwide to team up with globally esteemed professionals in their respective disciplines in Architecture, Film, Dance, Literature, Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre. Imagine exchanging ideas with figures like <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Peter Zumthor</a>, <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Kazuyo Sejima</a>, or&nbsp;&Aacute;lvaro Siza, who have all been previously appointed as the architecture mentor.</p><p>In selecting his prot&eacute;g&eacute;,&nbsp;Chipperfield conducted one-on-one interviews with the three finalists, which included Kretz, Luis Callejas of Colombia, and Anna Puigjaner of Spain &mdash; who in fact, <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">won the 2016 Wheelwright Prize</a> just last week.</p><p><img title="" alt="" src=""></p><p>Gaining experience in Zurich-based firms as well as big-name practices like OMA Rotterdam, Kretz co-founded&nbsp;Christina Nater und Simon Kretz Architekten in 2010 and then he became founding partner of&nbsp;Chri...</p> Say no to a "Brexit," says David Chipperfield Nicholas Korody 2016-03-30T17:18:00-04:00 >2016-04-08T23:46:39-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="530" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>&lsquo;If we accidentally complete our isolation from Europe, please don&rsquo;t let us imagine that this creates a new openness to the rest of the world &ndash; isolation is isolation. We would not only give up the distinct practical advantages of collaboration but the social, political and intellectual advantages too&rsquo;, he said. Chipperfield, who has offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai, has hit out at politicians for failing to articulate the cultural significance of the European Union.</p></em><br /><br /><p>For more UK-specific news, take a look at some past coverage:</p><ul><li><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Excavating ancient Rome beneath London's streets</a></li><li><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Britain's last deep-pit coal mine closes &mdash; the end of the industrial revolution?</a></li><li><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Encroaching on the green belt: UK loosens protections on rural land</a></li><li><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Assemble wins Turner Prize, becoming first architects to win "UK's most prestigious art prize"</a></li><li><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Curatorial team announced for the British Pavilion at the 15th Venice Biennale</a></li></ul> David Chipperfield demands that his name be removed from Milan museum project Alexander Walter 2015-04-07T13:16:00-04:00 >2015-04-13T20:46:40-04:00 <img src="" width="597" height="417" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>The architect David Chipperfield is at the centre of an extraordinary row over Milan&rsquo;s new &euro;60m (&pound;44m) Museum of Culture, a building he has designed and now disowned after accusing officials of skimping on flooring materials. The resulting &ldquo;floor war&rdquo; &ndash; as locals have dubbed the stand off &ndash; has led the British architect, famous for the Neues Museum in Berlin and China&rsquo;s Liangzhu Culture Museum, to demand that his name be removed from the project.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> The Met selects David Chipperfield to design its new museum wing Alexander Walter 2015-03-12T14:35:00-04:00 >2015-03-15T20:17:09-04:00 <img src="" width="530" height="432" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">The Metropolitan Museum of Art</a> in New York has named the architect for the institution's latest expansion project: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">David Chipperfield</a>, the British master of elegance with offices in London, Berlin, Shanghai &amp; Milan, was selected after a year-long research and selection process and announced yesterday by museum director and CEO, Thomas P. Campbell.</p><p>The job calls for the redesign of The Met's Southwest Wing for Modern and Contemporary Art, and&nbsp;&mdash; quite likely&nbsp;&mdash; also for adjacent exhibition spaces for the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.</p><p>&ldquo;We based the final selection of an architect on three criteria: vision, experience, and compatibility," Campbell remarked in his announcement. "David Chipperfield&rsquo;s global architectural experience and sensibility, along with his commitment to the collaborative aspect of creating architecture, make him a perfect partner on this milestone project. &nbsp;His museum projects are brilliantly coherent, elegant, and accessible&mdash;from the Neues Museum in Berl...</p> Weekly News Round-Up for January 19, 2015 Amelia Taylor-Hochberg 2015-01-26T20:46:00-05:00 >2015-02-02T21:04:35-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="738" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p><strong><em>Sunday, January 25:</em></strong></p><p><a title="Aaron Betsky To Lead Taliesin West" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Aaron Betsky To Lead Taliesin West</a>: Effective immediately, Betsky will "set the intellectual&nbsp;tone or the School&nbsp;" as it undergoes a rough and potentially definitive funding period.</p><p><strong><em>Friday, January 23:</em></strong></p><p><a title="Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House to reopen once again in February" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House to reopen once again in February</a>: So culminates a six-year and nearly $4.4M restoration project, to return the house to its early 20th century state.</p><p><strong><em>Thursday, January 22:</em></strong></p><p><a title="Megataaaall Shanghai Tower enters final construction phase" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Megataaaall Shanghai Tower enters final construction phase</a>: It's 632 meters tall, symbolizes China's Future, and is flanked by two other skyscrapers repping China's Past and Present.</p><p><a title="David Chipperfield pledges to carefully &quot;optimize&quot; Mies van der Rohe's Neue Nationalgalerie" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">David Chipperfield pledges to carefully "optimize" Mies van der Rohe's Neue Nationalgalerie</a>: Chipperfield also renovated Berlin's Neues Museum, and plans to "keep as much Mies as possible".</p><p><strong><em>Wednesday, January 21:</em></strong></p><p><a title="'Can of Ham' skyscraper coming to London after all" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">'Can of Ham' skyscraper coming to London after all</a>: Delayed since 2008 after the financial crisis hit, the hamscraper will sit in close company to London's Gherkin.</p><p><em><strong>Monday, January...</strong></em></p> David Chipperfield pledges to carefully "optimize" Mies van der Rohe's Neue Nationalgalerie Alexander Walter 2015-01-22T14:56:00-05:00 >2015-02-02T21:02:26-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="367" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>The restoration of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin will cost an estimated &euro;101m [...]. This masterpiece by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, which opened in 1968, was closed in early January. David Chipperfield Architects has been entrusted with the refurbishment project, having found international acclaim for its work on rebuilding the Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin. The British architect pledged to &ldquo;keep as much Mies as possible&rdquo; at a symposium in late November.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> London’s architecture lacks Berlin’s sense of culture, says Chipperfield Alexander Walter 2014-12-01T14:00:00-05:00 >2014-12-03T22:52:13-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="365" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>[...] British architect Sir David Chipperfield has said that he regards private investment&rsquo;s hold over new architecture in London as an &ldquo;absolutely terrible&rdquo; means of building a city. In Berlin, where he employs an office of 90, &ldquo;there is still an idea of the public realm. We have given that up in London. We have declared the public realm dead; the question is how to get stuff out of the private sector. We are unbelievably sophisticated at that.&rdquo;</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> New competition launched for National Gallery and Ludwig Museum in Budapest Alexander Walter 2014-11-05T13:36:00-05:00 >2014-11-05T13:43:27-05:00 <img src="" width="514" height="296" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>The international jury choosing an architect to design a new National Gallery, which will also provide a new home for the Ludwig Museu in the Hungarian capital, has invited seven leading practices to take part in a new competition after a first competition did not produce a winning design. The seven architects invited to compete for the high-profile commission are: Jean Nouvel, David Chipperfield, Mecanoo, Nieto Sobejano, Renzo Piano, Sanaa and Sn&oslash;hetta.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> David Chipperfield wins Nobel Center architectural competition Justine Testado 2014-04-09T12:52:00-04:00 >2014-04-14T21:44:44-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="433" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">David Chipperfield</a>'s "Nobelhuset" is the winning design for the new Nobel Center in Stockholm, after a unanimous jury decision. Back in Fall 2013, Chipperfield was one of <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">11 famous architects who submitted proposals</a> for the future Nobel Center.</p><p>In <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">the second stage</a>, the competition narrowed down to three proposals from: Johan Celsing - Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor (Sweden); Gert Wing&aring;rdh - Wing&aring;rdhs Arkitektkontor (Sweden); and of course, David Chipperfield and Christoph Felger - David Chipperfield Architects Berlin (Germany).</p><p>The Nobel Center will be built to become an architectural representation of the Nobel Prize and serve as a space to promote the Prize's ideals of forward thinking and innovation.</p><p>Here's more detail into the winning design:</p><p><img title="" alt="" src=""></p><p>"According to the statement of the jury, the proposed building has an elegant, timeless and attractive external appearance with a clear identity of its own. The revised fa&ccedil;ade design, with its shimmering vertical brass elements and glass, has a l...</p> A Mexican Showcase for Ambition Nam Henderson 2014-03-10T14:58:00-04:00 >2014-03-11T12:30:39-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="431" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Designed by the British architect David Chipperfield, the three-story building is a plain, compact block of light travertine, unornamented apart from a saw-tooth crest on top. It&rsquo;s a no-nonsense, no-ego structure that seems to look inward rather than outward.</p></em><br /><br /><p>Holland Cotter reviews the new&nbsp;Museo Jumex, a contemporary art museum in Mexico City sponsored by the art patron Eugenio L&oacute;pez Alonso. Built adjacent to the more formally -adventurous Museo Soumaya, she judges that the architectural design and inaugural exhibitions point to "<em>a calculated effort by the museum to set itself apart, to baffle expectations</em>".</p> London Crystal Palace shortlist boasts six of the UK’s top architects Alexander Walter 2014-02-26T20:27:00-05:00 >2014-03-03T22:12:15-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="366" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>London's iconic Crystal Palace just moved one step closer to its magnificent resurrection with the announcement of six shortlisted design teams, all vying to rebuild The Crystal Palace and the surrounding public park as a major landmark.</p></em><br /><br /><p>The list of selected architects to move on to the next competition stage reads like a who's who in British architecture:</p><ul><li>David Chipperfield Architects</li><li>Grimshaw</li><li>Haworth Tompkins Architects</li><li>Marks Barfield Architects</li><li>Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners</li><li>Zaha Hadid Architects with Anish Kapoor</li></ul> Nobel Center competition shortlists three teams to move on to stage two Justine Testado 2013-11-15T15:22:00-05:00 >2013-11-15T17:25:05-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="433" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Three proposals have been chosen to move to the second stage of the architecture competition for the Nobel Center, the new Nobel Prize headquarters in Stockholm. In case you missed our previous post, 11 big-name architects submitted designs under anonymity &mdash; and we asked if you could guess who designed what!</p></em><br /><br /><p> The three shortlisted firms are:</p> <ul><li> A P(a)lace to Enjoy &ndash; Wing&aring;rdh Arkitektkontor, Sweden</li> <li> A Room and a Half &ndash; Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor, Sweden</li> <li> Nobelhuset &ndash; David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin, Germany</li> </ul><p> Previously: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Eleven renowned architects present proposals for Stockholm&rsquo;s future Nobel Center</a></p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; A P(a)lace to enjoy by Wing&aring;rdh Arkitektkontor. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; A P(a)lace to enjoy by Wing&aring;rdh Arkitektkontor. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; A Room and a Half &ndash; Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; A Room and a Half &ndash; Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; A Room and a Half &ndash; Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; Nobelhuset &ndash; David Chipperfield Architects. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; Nobelhuset &ndash; David Chipperfield Architects. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> &uarr; Nobelhuset &ndash; David Chipperfield Architects. Photo &copy; Nobelhuset AB</p>... David Chipperfield receives Praemium Imperiale Award in architecture Justine Testado 2013-09-17T20:28:00-04:00 >2013-09-23T20:36:49-04:00 <img src="" width="600" height="600" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>British architect David Chipperfield has been named as one of the five laureates in the Praemium Imperiale Awards for 2013. The announcement was made on Sept. 17 in Rome, New York, London, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> Live chat with David Chipperfield as La Biennale di Venezia closes Alexander Walter 2012-11-21T13:30:00-05:00 >2012-11-26T19:08:03-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="433" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>On the occasion of the quickly approaching closing weekend of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition Common Ground at La Biennale di Venezia, the online community gets the chance to talk interactively in a live chat with David Chipperfield, curator of the exhibition.</p></em><br /><br /><p> The live stream starts at 6pm (Central European Time) on Friday, November 23rd and can be accessed at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> David Chipperfield Deplores the “Impotence” of Contemporary Architecture at the London Design Festival Archinect 2012-09-25T18:30:00-04:00 >2012-09-26T02:32:10-04:00 <img src="" width="594" height="421" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Chipperfield lamented how architects have resorted to designing bars, cafes, restaurants, and interiors and criticized the propagation of the discipline as fodder for the &ldquo;lifestyle pages&rdquo; in popular media. To him, the role of architecture and design is diminishing into nothing more than an &ldquo;anesthetic&rdquo; and a &ldquo;palliative&rdquo; in a larger economic crisis, rather than stepping up as a means to address serious socioeconomic problems: &ldquo;I feel more and more impotent in really doing things..."</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> Inside the homes of David Chipperfield, Rod Sheard and Sheila O'Donnell, and John Tuomey Archinect 2012-09-24T21:03:00-04:00 >2012-09-25T18:34:54-04:00 <img src="" width="220" height="313" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>They are happy to lay down the law on what makes a good stadium, tower block or concert hall, but do architects practise what they preach when it comes to their own homes? We go through the keyhole to meet three nominees for the hotly contested RIBA Stirling prize</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> Chipperfield counters Prix's Venice Biennale criticism Archinect 2012-09-07T17:37:00-04:00 >2012-09-12T19:38:37-04:00 <img src="" width="595" height="395" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>In a letter titled &lsquo;Kicking against the Prix&rsquo;, the RIBA gold medallist claimed the Coop Himmelb(l)au founder had failed to attend the biennale despite issuing a critical press release last week describing it as &lsquo;banal&rsquo;.</p></em><br /><br /><p> <strong>David Chipperfield&rsquo;s full letter</strong></p> <p> I am disappointed that our British architectural press should give so much coverage to the destructive opinions of a Viennese architect about the Biennale, even though he hadn&rsquo;t even visited Venice.</p> <p> My concerns are not about the criticism, which I didn&rsquo;t understand, but that this statement and the ensuing &lsquo;controversy&rsquo; stimulated by its publication reinforce the negative attitudes of our architectural culture. Wolf Prix demonstrates no interest in the position of others and only imagines that architecture can conform to his own priorities and preconceptions.</p> <p> This year&rsquo;s Biennale, with all its weaknesses and mistakes, was above all conceived and realised in a spirit of generosity, optimistically proposing that there is an architectural culture bound together by shared intentions, influences and disappointments and that even the most celebrated protagonists of our profession are capable of engaging in such a dialogue.</p> <p> When I began to formulat...</p> Wolf Prix attacks Chipperfield's 'banal' Venice Biennale job job 2012-08-29T21:14:00-04:00 >2012-12-19T15:04:55-05:00 <img src="" width="200" height="181" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Labelling the festival an &lsquo;expensive dance of death&rsquo;, the Coop Himmelb(l)au-founder went on to claim a &lsquo;great&rsquo; biennale would have featured forums and themes looking &lsquo;behind the scenes&rsquo; at decision-making &lsquo;instead of boring exhibitions&rsquo;.</p></em><br /><br /><p> Better source at Building Design, but their need for registration denies access to many.</p> Menil Collection plans new building for Drawing Institute; four architecture firms named as finalists Archinect 2012-04-13T15:47:00-04:00 >2012-04-16T20:39:02-04:00 <img src="" width="620" height="472" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Four finalists have emerged from the Menil Collection's extensive international search to select an architect to design its Menil Drawing Institute (MDI), the first major project to be built as a part of the museum's long-range master plan.</p></em><br /><br /><p> After several years of site visits, careful research and thoughtful interviews, the Menil's architecture selection committee has announced a short list of long-established and newly-emerging architectural firms:</p> <ul><li> <strong>Tatiana Bilbao</strong> &mdash; up-and-coming Mexico City architect with a number of high-profile projects under her belt, including a building co-designed with artist Gabriel Orozco</li> <li> <strong>David Chipperfield Architects</strong> &mdash; renowned London-based firm behind the Menil's 2009 master plan as well as the stunning Figge Art Museum in Iowa</li> <li> <strong>Johnston Marklee</strong> &mdash; design duo from Los Angeles known for its ultramodern nods to architectural history</li> <li> <strong>SANAA</strong> &mdash; Tokyo-based designers behind the Toledo Museum of Art's Glass Pavilion and winners of the 2010 Pritzker Prize<br> &nbsp;</li> </ul> David Chipperfield to Renovate Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie Archinect 2012-04-04T15:30:00-04:00 >2012-04-04T18:31:04-04:00 <img src="" width="628" height="419" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>The British architect David Chipperfield will oversee a major renovation of Berlin&rsquo;s Neue Nationalgalerie, a concrete, steel and glass landmark at Potsdamer Platz completed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1968. Chipperfield has worked extensively in Berlin, finishing work on the war-ravaged Neues Museum on the Museum Island complex in 2009.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> David Chipperfield to curate 2012 Venice Biennale Archinect 2011-11-10T18:29:00-05:00 >2012-08-27T18:03:17-04:00 <img src="" width="460" height="276" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>When his appointment is officially announced, the British architect &ndash; renowned for his cool, clear almost chaste designs, most notably his recent Turner Contemporary in Margate and the Hepworth Wakefield in Yorkshire &ndash; will have just eight months to come up with a theme for two huge group shows: one in the former rope works of the Arsenale; the other in the nearby Giardini.</p></em><br /><br /><p> <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Click here</a> to see more Archinect News posts related to the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.</p> Chipperfield talks architectural balance Archinect 2011-11-04T13:11:37-04:00 >2011-11-11T05:13:51-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="435" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>"It was a shock to come out [of graduate school] and realize [modern architects] were a public enemy,&rdquo; Chipperfield said. This &ldquo;hostile public opinion,&rdquo; he said, was the result of poor work by the previous generation of architects, whose bad reputation became projected onto Chipperfield and his contemporaries. Furthermore, the damage to England&rsquo;s monuments and other edifices caused in World War II contributed to the public&rsquo;s grim outlook on architecture, he added.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> No shades of grey in this bold vision Paul Petrunia 2011-06-06T18:50:26-04:00 >2011-06-06T18:50:47-04:00 <img src="" width="595" height="422" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Chipperfield... says creating the gallery was like &ldquo;a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle&rdquo; and there&rsquo;s certainly a lot of geometry involved. More important, though, there&rsquo;s an uplifting sense of space, height and &ndash; exactly what you don&rsquo;t expect from the exterior &ndash; light. The rooms are flooded with light reflected off white walls, from skylights and from floor-to-ceiling windows that counterpoint the sculptures with the urban reality of Wakefield outside.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> Chipperfield's Neues Museum renovation snags Mies van der Rohe award J. James R. 2011-04-11T18:26:50-04:00 >2011-05-02T14:42:45-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="433" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>David Chipperfield&rsquo;s revamp of the Neues Museum in Berlin has won the 2011 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture &ndash; the Mies van der Rohe Award.</p></em><br /><br /><p> BDonline broke the news that architect David Chipperfield has received the Mies van der Rohe award for his working on the restoration of the Neues Museum in Berlin: a cash prize of 60,000&euro;. The 2011 jury included Mohsen Mostafavi, Ole Bouman, Annette Gigon, Yvonne Farrell, Zhu Pei and Tarald Lundevall.<br><br> "The rebuilding of the Neues Museum is an extraordinary achievement. Rarely have an architect and client succeeded in undertaking a work of such historic importance and complexity; especially one that involves both preservation and new building. The project raises and addresses many aesthetic, ethical, and technical issues. It is an exemplary demonstration of what collaboration can achieve in the context of contemporary European architectural practice." --Mohsen Mostafavi<br><br> Previous winners of the awards include Norwegian National Opera &amp; Ballet by SN&Oslash;HETTA, Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y Le&oacute;n by Mansilla+Tu&ntilde;&oacute;n Arquitectos and Netherlands Embassy Berlin by Rem Koolhaas and El...</p> Stirling Prize Winner Ananth 2007-10-06T21:46:00-04:00 >2012-10-13T17:38:54-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="366" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p> Seems like Foster's prot&eacute;g&eacute; beat him to the Stirling Prize. <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">David Chipperfield takes the 2007 award</a></p>