Archinect - News 2017-08-21T17:45:58-04:00 Dror envisions second geodesic dome in Montreal's Expo 67 site Justine Testado 2016-04-26T14:24:00-04:00 >2016-04-26T17:08:18-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="362" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p>Originally built as the U.S. Pavilion in the memorable World Expo of 1967, the steel structural frame of <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Buckminster Fuller</a>'s Biosphere remains standing to this day as a sole landmark in Montreal's&nbsp;Parc Jean-Drapeau.&nbsp;In planning&nbsp;for the&nbsp;50th anniversary of Expo 67 as well as Montreal's 375th anniversary next April,&nbsp;designer&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Dror Benshetrit</a> of the New York-based practice Dror came up with the idea for adding, what do you know, a second geodesic dome near the Biosphere.</p><p><img title="" alt="" src=""><br><img title="" alt="" src=""></p><p>After touring Montreal's &Icirc;le Sainte-H&eacute;l&egrave;ne with the Buckminster Fuller Institute,&nbsp;Benshetrit thought of a second dome as a way to help reinvigorate the seasonally used Expo 67 site grounds and evidently pay tribute to Fuller's landmark. Compared to the Biosphere, which is 76 meters in diameter and 62 meters high, Dror's proposed dome is a 150-meter-wide&nbsp;aluminum latticed sphere with a planted canopy.&nbsp;</p><p>The studio describes that its vegetated cover would act as a natural sound buffer and provide an enchanting public enviro...</p> The Astrodome: The World's Largest Indoor Garden? Alexander Walter 2014-08-28T14:28:00-04:00 >2014-09-03T19:38:48-04:00 <img src="" width="620" height="496" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>It's been a long time since the Houston Oilers or any other team called the Astrodome home, and voters rejected a bond measure to adapt and reuse this domed cathedral last year. But Emmett's not giving it up. Yesterday, he led the press on a tour of the Astrodome to introduce his own plan to restore it: By creating the world's largest indoor park. This isn't the first scheme mounted by preservationists who see a future for the dome.</p></em><br /><br /><p>Previously:</p><ul><li><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Winners of the Reimagine the Astrodome ideas competition</a></li><li><p><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Can buildings be too young to save?</a></p></li></ul> The Giant Chinese Odor Dome, and Other Sad Ideas for Surviving Our Future Cities Alexander Walter 2014-06-02T14:15:00-04:00 >2014-06-10T18:54:38-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="365" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>In an effort to remediate a large patch of heavily contaminated soil in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, engineers managed to unleash a smell so pungent that, last week, owners of the site took a new tactic: a giant tent to contain it all. [...] Though the 20,000-square-meter polyester tent contains an area roughly the size of three football fields and rises 36 meters near downtown, it only covers less than half of the contaminated area.</p></em><br /><br /><p>Previously: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Giant bubbles could be 'built over Beijing parks to save residents from smog danger'</a></p> World's first geodesic dome home, built by Buckminster Fuller, to become museum Archinect 2014-03-20T12:30:00-04:00 >2014-03-25T19:29:49-04:00 <img src="" width="537" height="432" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>On April 19 there will be a groundbreaking near Southern Illinois University to celebrate the restoration and preservation of the world&rsquo;s first geodesic dome home, originally built by Buckminster Fuller and his wife, Lady Anne, in 1960. The ceremony at the Fuller Dome Home in Carbondale will be open to the public, free of charge, and will include a tour and the opportunity to view rare artifacts.</p></em><br /><br /><p><img title="" alt="" src=""></p> Editor's Picks #326 Nam Henderson 2013-07-30T10:54:00-04:00 >2013-07-31T12:01:02-04:00 <img src="" width="514" height="303" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p> In her recently published <strong>Op-Ed</strong> <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Ann Lui</a>,&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">reflected on the experience of receiving a jury citation</a>, for her and her partner&rsquo;s entry in the 2013 Burnham Prize Competition: NEXT STOP-Designing Chicago BRT Stations.</p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""><br><br> She concluded "<em>So submit the competition that doesn&rsquo;t have a properly sized curb &mdash; and in fact doesn&rsquo;t have a curb at all. This is a defense for the projects that have balloons, trees on skyscrapers, and blimp docking stations. It is also a defense for every detail a designer developed and then translated into reality</em>".</p> <p> <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Donna Sink</a>&nbsp;was moved "<em>Beautiful. I love this so much. It's ultimately an optimistic profession, even with knowing how little we know (and I say this after 28 years in the discipline - still learning)</em>".<br> &nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>News</strong><br><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">New York-based Turkish architect Selim Vural, founder of architecture and interior design firm Studio Vural, shared his design for a Gezi Park Monument, with Archinect</a>. The memorial commemorates the recent protests on Istanbul's Taksim Square.</p> ... World’s Biggest Ski Dome, Anyone? Design by CEBRA Alexander Walter 2012-11-15T17:41:00-05:00 >2012-11-16T18:27:40-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="433" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Danish firm CEBRA has shared with us its adventurous project Skidome Denmark, a vision for the 'world&rsquo;s biggest ski dome' in the city of Randers, Denmark.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html><head><meta></head></html> Bucky's Fly's Eye Dome Now Fully Restorated Alexander Walter 2011-05-26T14:41:13-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="671" border="0" title="" alt="" /><p> Restoration work on one of Buckminster Fuller&rsquo;s most iconic structures, the 24 foot Fly&rsquo;s Eye Dome, was completed yesterday, and the restored dome was unveiled to the public at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Goetz Composites</a> in Bristol, RI.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Patented in 1965, Fuller created two prototypes of this structure &ndash; a 24 foot and 50 foot dome. Fuller writes in his seminal book, <em>Critical Path</em> that &ldquo;the Fly&rsquo;s Eye domes are designed as part of a &lsquo;livingry&rsquo; service. The basic hardware components will produce a beautiful, fully equipped air-deliverable house that weighs and costs about as much as a good automobile. Not only will it be highly efficient in its use of energy and materials, it also will be capable of harvesting incoming light and wind energies.&rdquo;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> The 24 foot dome has undergone extensive restorations in an effort to return the dome to its original condition by the renowned Bristol, RI-based Goetz Composites, fabricators of some of the most successful race boats in the world including three of today&rsquo;s m...</p>