Archinect - Features 2019-01-18T05:15:49-05:00 Studio Visits: Gibson Thornley Ellen Hancock 2018-12-04T12:10:00-05:00 >2018-12-04T12:10:29-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Ben Gibson and Matt Thornley met at <a href="" target="_blank">AHMM</a> over ten years ago. Collectively, during their time there they worked on a multitude of award winning buildings, including the Stirling Prize winning <a href="" target="_blank">Burntwood School</a>. In 2013 they joined forces and established <a href="" target="_blank">Gibson Thornley</a>.</p> <p>Now hitting their stride, the team are working on a number of diverse projects across the city. At the time that I visited the team they were working on the final touches to the Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition at the <a href="" target="_blank">V&amp;A</a>, a very eagerly anticipated show and we now know, very successful show, which was opened for an additional two weeks to meet the high demand.&nbsp;</p> <p>A design-led team with lot of energy and enthusiasm for their projects and in addition, it must be said, an extremely welcoming and friendly team. Find out more about Gibson Thornley in our latest <a href="" target="_blank">studio visit.</a></p> Studio Visits: SPPARC Ellen Hancock 2018-11-30T09:00:00-05:00 >2018-11-29T20:19:41-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">SPPARC</a> was founded by Trevor Morriss just over ten years ago. The practice has a diverse and exciting portfolio of high-quality architecture and masterplanning projects across the city, many of which are situated in historic conservation areas.&nbsp;<br></p> <p>What became immediately clear from my discussion with Trevor, the Studio Manager Serena Woodhouse and one of the architects at the practice Bryan Ratzlass was the team's innate curiosity for people and place. Each project is thoroughly researched, not out of duty but because they are passionate about the history and context of the site they are working on. <a href="" target="_blank">145 Kensington Church Street</a>, for example, has an ingenious fa&ccedil;ade that cites the unique candle-making heritage of the area, a source of inspiration from the past and means to create a legacy for the future.&nbsp;</p> <p>I popped into their very unique studio, which they designed themselves, to find out more about what it&rsquo;s like to work at SPPARC.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Nissen Richards Studio Ellen Hancock 2018-08-30T09:00:00-04:00 >2018-08-30T20:37:43-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Nissen Richards,</a> comprised of Pippa Nissen and Jim Richards, have managed to successfully nurture a practice built from their inherent love of architecture, strengthened by their additional love of graphics, and theatre and exhibition design. A multi-interdisciplinary practice, with an extremely versatile workforce, the team have worked on projects at the V&amp;A, British Museum and Printworks to name a few.&nbsp;</p> <p>For this <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a>, I went to visit them along the canal near Haggerston in East London and spoke to the two founders, Pippa Nissen and Jim Richards as well as Associate Tetsuro Nagata, to find out more about their current projects and how they utilise their specialist skills set.</p> Studio Visits: Piercy & Co Ellen Hancock 2018-03-08T09:00:00-05:00 >2018-03-23T20:10:07-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Recently,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Piercy &amp; Co</a> have received a lot of attention for their impressive use of materials and textures done in collaboration with craftspeople and fabricators, most notably on their project,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">25 Savile Road</a> in London's West End. Their sensibility and attention to detail is evident in all their work and is now manifest in their newly built studio, which they designed and built (as much as possible) themselves.&nbsp;</p> <p>Find out more about how they went about designing their space and what the team's current projects are, in my latest <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit.</a></p> Studio Visits: PH+ Ellen Hancock 2018-02-27T13:43:00-05:00 >2018-03-23T00:36:27-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">PH+</a>'s London office is tucked away in Aldgate, East London. Visiting their studio, I was keen to learn more about their work, having regularly walked past their lushly green residential building with a living ivy fa&ccedil;ade on <a href="" target="_blank">Orsman Road</a> along Regents Canal. Working closely with the Borough of Hackney, the team worked hard to create a building that enhanced the surrounding &lsquo;Green Corridor&rsquo; and maximized the biodiversity along the river. The project embodies the studio's ethos and fascination with the people and places they work with, as well as, their ambition to continuously add value to the built environment.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>For this <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a>, I spoke to Luke Neve, who manages the studio&rsquo;s internal and external communications and Andy Puncher, one of the two Founders of pH+.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Miralles Tagliabue EMBT Ellen Hancock 2018-02-06T12:28:00-05:00 >2018-02-27T13:23:47-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Last autumn, while in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to visit&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Miralles Tagliabue EMBT</a>'s <a href="" target="_blank">studio</a>&mdash;known most notably for&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Santa Caterina Market</a>&nbsp;in Barcelona and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">The Scottish Parliament</a>&nbsp;in Edinburgh, the latter of which won the Stirling Prize in 2005. Tucked down a cobbled street a stones throw for Las Rambles, the studio was a homage to the old and new, filled to the brim with drawings, models and ideas.&nbsp;</p> <p>We spoke to&nbsp;Benedetta Tagliabue, whom answered the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Proust Questionaire</a>&nbsp;a while back, to find out more.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Hawkins\Brown, Manchester Ellen Hancock 2018-01-30T11:46:00-05:00 >2018-02-07T09:51:27-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>For our most recent <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a>, we went to visit <a href="" target="_blank">Hawkins\Brown</a> in their Manchester office. Set up by&nbsp;Katie Tonkinson who previously worked in the London office for 13 years, 'Studio North', has been incredibly successful growingly rapidly to 28 staff members after only two years in the city.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>We spoke to Sam Beddingfield, a Part II Architectural Assistant, to find out more about their favourite parts of the studio, what they're currently working on and buildings they most admire in <a href="" target="_blank">Manchester</a>.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: ACME Ellen Hancock 2018-01-05T05:00:00-05:00 >2018-02-27T08:36:33-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>I walk past Acme's London office regularly and there is almost always a passerby staring into their window with a rather bemused, albeit intrigued, look on their face, not quite sure what to make of this golden cave of wonders. This is no accident, Friedrich Ludewig who founded the practice in 2007, told me on our latest <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a>.&nbsp;Having heard of a Japanese architect who shared his studio with his florist wife, Friedrich was inspired to create a similarly curious studio space with a speculative function to tantalize clients and the local community alike.</p> <p>This playful and idiosyncratic approach is synonymous with Acme and can be seen in all of their projects, most recently the award winning <a href="" target="_blank">Victoria Gate</a> shopping mall in Leeds with its striking diagrid facade.&nbsp;</p> <p>Having just celebrated their ten year anniversary we found out more about their journey so far and what the future holds for this exciting studio.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Tonkin Liu Ellen Hancock 2017-12-19T05:30:00-05:00 >2017-12-19T17:29:35-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Tucked away on a charming residential street just around the corner from Exmouth Market, you will find the award winning architecture practice <a href="" target="_blank">Tonkin Liu</a>. During the day the founding partners Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin, who started the practice in 2002, share their&nbsp;beautiful Grade II listed Georgian home with their team, utilising the first three floors as studio space.&nbsp;</p> <p>They also recently renovated the back yard creating <a href="" target="_blank">Sun Rain Room</a> a manifestation of their design style and principles, recently nominated for the annual <a href="" target="_blank">'Don't Move Improve Awards'</a>.</p> <p>On our latest <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a> we had a look around this rather unique studio, had tea and biscuits with the team and found out more about their current projects.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: AECOM London Ellen Hancock 2017-11-22T10:00:00-05:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Our latest <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a> was to Aecom's London office in Aldgate Tower which they designed and built themselves and moved into last year. Taking the opportunity to look closely at their own culture and working practices they aimed to create a much more collaborative work environment that is built around and enables innovation and creativity.&nbsp;</p> <p>We got the opportunity to explore their new office, speak to Jennifer Dixon&nbsp;Architecture Leader of <a href="" target="_blank">AECOM EMIA</a>,&nbsp;and find out what it is really like working as part of a global giant with over 80,000 staff members globally.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Duggan Morris Architects Ellen Hancock 2017-11-08T05:00:00-05:00 >2017-11-08T12:16:32-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>For this <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a>, I traveled to&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Duggan Morris Architects</a> in a charming old warehouse building in the back streets of East London. Their office, beautifully lit with autumnal sun on the morning I visited, was jammed packed with models&mdash;many recognisable including the recently completed workspace <a href="" target="_blank">R7 in Kings Cross</a> and the award winning project <a href="" target="_blank">The Loom</a>.</p> <p>We spoke to Joe Morris who told us more about the studio, the teams favoured local coffee shop <a href="" target="_blank">Westland Wine and Coffee</a> and what projects they are currently working on.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Ellen Hancock 2017-10-30T09:01:00-04:00 >2017-10-24T19:01:37-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects</a> was founded over 30 years ago in Aarhus, Denmark by Morten Schmidt, Bjarne Hammer and John F. Lassen. Known for their work within the cultural sector, <a href="" target="_blank">especially libraries</a>, the firm believes they&nbsp;<em>"make buildings that meet the challenges of our modern society and that make people come together in new ways". </em>Recently it was announced that they will be working with renowned artist James Turrell on a new extension project for <a href="" target="_blank">ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Copenhagen</a> a project they previously collaborated on with&nbsp;multi-disciplinary artist <a href="" target="_blank">Olafur Eliasson</a>.</p> <p>We spoke to one of the Senior Partners&nbsp;Kristian Lars Ahlmark to find out more about working as part of the Copenhagen team.&nbsp;<br></p> Studio Visits: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Ellen Hancock 2017-10-13T09:00:00-04:00 >2017-10-11T14:47:32-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Established in 1989 <a href="" target="_blank">AHMM</a>&nbsp;have offices in London, Bristol and Oklahoma City. They are well known for their renovation projects particularly in London including The Barbican, The Tea Building and Scotland Yard. In 2015 they won the prestigious Stirling Prize for their transformation of <a href="" target="_blank">Burntwood School</a>, a 1950s modernist school in Wandsworth. We went to have a look around their London office in Clerkenwell.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Avanti Architects Ellen Hancock 2017-09-25T05:00:00-04:00 >2017-09-25T04:39:07-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>For this <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a>, we went to see <a href="" target="_blank">Avanti Architects</a> based in Islington. An AJ 100 practice, the studio is well known for it's work in the health, conservation and education sectors. <a href="" target="_blank">Avanti Architects</a> are currently working on plans to restore the Grade A/I listed <a href="" target="_blank">St Peter&rsquo;s Seminary</a> in Cardross.</p> Studio Visits: Walters & Cohen Ellen Hancock 2017-08-22T06:00:00-04:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>This time I went to see North London based <a href="" target="_blank">Walters&nbsp;&amp; Cohen</a> founded in 1994. The practice, formed by two women, has received notable acclaim for their work within the education, public and cultural sector, most recently for their <a href="" target="_blank"></a><a href="" target="_blank">Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat Centre</a>.</p> <p>The collective winners of the <a href="" target="_blank">AJ's Woman Architect of the year 2012</a>, partners Cindy and Mich&aacute;l welcomed me into their studio, talked me through the growth of their practice and some of the new and exciting projects they are working on at the moment.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: MMAS David Capener 2017-08-11T13:33:00-04:00 >2017-08-23T04:37:36-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>This week I went to visit <a href="" target="_blank">MMAS,</a> a Belfast based practice, in their studio, a converted mill just outside of the city centre. MMAS are a small practice, but their studio, full of models, drawings, sketches and ideas scribbled on whiteboards, is a dynamic place. I really enjoyed hearing their passion for the city in which they live and work.</p> Studio Visits: Studio Egret West Ellen Hancock 2017-07-31T06:15:00-04:00 >2017-07-31T06:14:16-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>For our latest <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Visit</a> we went to see <a href="" target="_blank">Studio Egret West</a>, based in the heart of Clerkenwell.&nbsp;</p> <p>Lone, the Studio Manager gave me the full tour after which David sat down with me to tell me more about the practice he founded with Christophe Egret nearly thirteen years ago.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: BDP, London Ellen Hancock 2017-06-09T06:31:00-04:00 >2018-06-13T19:16:03-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>This week we went to visit BDP at their office in Clerkenwell. They took us on a tour around their beautiful office in Brewhouse Yard, and told us a little more about the people and culture behind the interdisciplinary, world-renowned practice.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: Delvendahl Martin Architects Ellen Hancock 2017-05-15T05:22:00-04:00 >2017-08-23T04:33:35-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>For our latest Studio Visit we went to see&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Delvendahl Martin Architects</a>&nbsp;in their studio at Bow Arts, East London. We talked through their current projects, their plans for the future and had a nosey around their new model workshop come meeting room space.</p> Studio Visits: Studio WOK, Milan 6th April 2017 Ellen Hancock 2017-04-11T03:57:00-04:00 >2017-08-23T04:39:10-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>While exploring the streets of Milan for Design Week we took the opportunity to visit local architecture practice, <a href="" target="_blank">Studio WOK</a>. They showed us around their studio, talked us through past and present projects as well giving us a few hot tips for Milan.&nbsp;</p> Studio Visits: YARD Architects Ellen Hancock 2017-03-24T11:27:00-04:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>For the first in a new series, Studio Visits, we went to see an emerging architecture practice in South London. As well as having a good poke around we asked them to reveal a bit more about who <a href="" target="_blank">YARD Architects</a> are and what goes on in their studio.</p>