Archinect - Features 2018-03-19T18:30:24-04:00 The Beirut-based ParalX Makes a Strong Case for the Rise of Boutique, Design-Oriented Firms Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-03-19T09:00:00-04:00 >2018-03-16T19:52:04-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>The Lebanese architecture practice <a href="" target="_blank">PARALX</a>, founded by&nbsp;Karim Moussawer,&nbsp;was born as a counter idea to the <a href="" target="_blank">Starchitect model</a> that structures many of today's firms. Believing that architecture is a product of collaboration, the firm whose name is&nbsp;an acronym of Parallel Practice, centers around a&nbsp;collaborative-based design process.</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talked with the firm about their collective approach, the importance of finding the right talent, and the dramatic urbanization of the Middle East, where much of their work is located.</p> Meet Dream the Combine, Winners of MoMA PS1's 2018 Young Architects Program Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-03-12T09:30:00-04:00 >2018-03-13T22:28:56-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Dream the Combine</a> were recently announced as winners of <a href="" target="_blank">MoMA PS1's 2018 Young Architects Program</a>. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the two run an experimental design practice focused mainly on&nbsp;public art installations that revitalize neglected spaces like an unused railroad track (<em>The World is Rated X</em>), a subway platform (<em>Space Destroyer</em>), or an abandoned fragment of Minneapolis' Skyway System (<em>Longing</em>).&nbsp;</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with Newsom and Carruthers about their practice, their winning proposal&nbsp;<em>Hide &amp; Seek</em>, their use of reflective materials, and the thriving art scene of Minneapolis.</p> Co-founders of a Small Oakland-Based Firm Talk About Starting a Practice While Becoming Moms Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-03-05T12:25:00-05:00 >2018-03-05T20:57:01-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Tierney Conner</a>, based in <a href="" target="_blank">Oakland, CA</a>, is a full-service firm integrating the fields of architecture, landscape and interiors. The two co-founders, Anne Tierney and Erin Conner, decided to create their own practice after the two each became mothers. For this weeks <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with the team about their journey.&nbsp;</p> Brother-Sister Cofounders of Messner Architects Discuss their Quest for Professional Independence Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-02-26T09:12:00-05:00 >2018-02-25T19:17:59-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Messner Architects</a>&nbsp;is a small practice based in Bozen, Italy, combining innovative, digital technology with traditional artisanship for projects defined by a strong regional context. Founded by the brother-and-sister duo,&nbsp;David and Verena Messner, they work across fields and scales, leading projects ranging from furniture to landscaping to housing.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this edition of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, the duo discuss working as a family team and their quest for&nbsp;professional independence.</p> 2017 Young Architects Winner Kevin Hirth Opens Up About the Challenges of Working Alone Nam Henderson 2018-02-21T09:15:00-05:00 >2018-03-06T07:16:33-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Kevin Hirth</a> is a Clinical Assistant Professor at <a href="" target="_blank">University of Colorado Denver</a>'s College of Architecture and Planning. He holds a Master's of Architecture with distinction from the <a href="" target="_blank">Harvard Graduate School of Design</a> (2011) and a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture from the <a href="" target="_blank">University of Virginia</a>. Last year, Kevin was awarded <a href="" target="_blank">the 2017 Young Architects + Designers Prize</a> from <a href="" target="_blank">The Architectural League of New York</a>.</p> <p>As part of Archinect's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a> series, I met up with Kevin in Denver to talk about his teaching and his work; the importance of licensure;&nbsp;the challenges of working alone; and his experience with the Architectural League.&nbsp;</p> How 6 Successful Women in Architecture, Planning, and Engineering Joined Forces to Win "The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition" Ellen Hancock 2018-02-19T15:48:00-05:00 >2018-02-21T09:41:52-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>The VeloCity team met through <a href="" target="_blank">PedElle</a>, a charity cycling endurance event open to female riders working in the property industry. Each successful in their own right, they decided they wanted to work together combining their expertise in architecture, design, engineering and town planning - a place-making competition developing the corridor that spans Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford, seemed the perfect opportunity.&nbsp;</p> <p>I recently met with the team to find out more about how they work together collaboratively and what made their entry stand out. Since we met they have gone on to win the <a href="" target="_blank">'The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition'</a>, cementing their exciting future working together. </p> Walk Softly and Don’t Carry a Big Shtick; A Small Studio Snapshot of LA-Based Darin Johnstone Architects Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-02-12T09:00:00-05:00 >2018-02-15T20:32:57-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Darin Johnstone is a Los Angeles based architect and teacher. He is the founder of his eponymous practice,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Darin Johnstone Architects</a>, and a faculty member at <a href="" target="_blank">SCI-Arc</a>. For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, we talk with Johnstone about moving to LA on a whim to start his studio, his architectural motivations, and how he blends teaching and practice.&nbsp;</p> Baumgartner + Uriu is a Small Studio with Big Innovations Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-02-05T10:00:00-05:00 >2018-02-05T11:26:10-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Baumgartner + Uriu (BplusU) are innovators known for pushing boundaries. With an in-house fabrication studio, the LA-based practice is consistently experimenting with the latest digital techniques and materials. Founded in 2006, the firm is led by Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu, both with a background in music and working for Frank Gehry. For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talked with the duo about how they got their start, what drives their work today, and what is on the horizon.</p> What the Future Has in Store for Brooklyn-Based Firm, Future Expansion Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-01-29T09:00:00-05:00 >2018-01-30T12:16:04-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Future Expansion</a> is a Brooklyn based architecture-and-design firm founded in 2011 by Deirdre and Nicholas McDermott. Shortly after starting, the practice won an open RFP from the Brooklyn Academy of Music for a large-scale public art installation. Since, the two have gone on to carry out projects for both private and public clients. They recently completed another winning installation, "<a href="" target="_blank">Flatiron Reflection</a>," for the fourth annual Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition commissioned by the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership and <a href="" target="_blank">Van Alen Institute</a>.</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, Archinect caught up with the firm to hear about some recent projects they are working on and find out what the future has in store.</p> How One Architecture Remains Small While Working on Massive Urban Resiliency Projects Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-01-22T09:00:00-05:00 >2018-01-24T10:16:03-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Matthijs Bouw</a> is a Dutch architect and urbanist and founder of <a href="" target="_blank">One Architecture</a>, an award-winning design and planning firm that was established in <a href="" target="_blank">Amsterdam</a> in 1995 and again in New York in 2015 after the firm won the Rebuild by Design competition in partnership with <a href="" target="_blank">BIG</a>. Bouw is also the Rockefeller Urban Resilience Fellow for PennDesign at the <a href="" target="_blank">University of Pennsylvania</a>, where his work centers on urban resilience and water management projects.</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, we talk with Bouw about opening up his New York office, the difference between working in the Netherlands&nbsp;versus the United States, and the benefits of keeping a small team despite working on large-scale projects.&nbsp;</p> Starting an Architecture Firm in Two Cities Simultaneously; A Small Studio Snapshot of EL Studio Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-01-16T12:14:00-05:00 >2018-01-16T12:15:37-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">EL Studio</a>, a practice&nbsp;based partially out of Washington D.C, is located in a former horse stable that has been converted into a live/work space by co-founder Mark Lawrence and his wife. Along with his business partner Elizabeth Emerson (who leads their New York office), the two have grown their practice into an award-winning architecture firm that&nbsp;specializes in building finely-crafted, innovative structures within challenging constraints.</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small&nbsp;Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with the two about the practice's origins, their unique office space, and some projects they are currently working on.</p> Based in New York and Beirut, L.E.FT Discusses Building in Politically Conflicted Contexts Mackenzie Goldberg 2018-01-08T13:02:00-05:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Established in New York in 2005 by Makram El Kadi and Ziad Jamaleddine, <a href="" target="_blank">L.E.FT</a> is dedicated to examining the intersections of cultural and political productions as they relate to the built environment. Now with a studio in Beirut as well, the practice has completed residential and cultural projects in&nbsp;New York, Dubai, Turkey, and Beirut.&nbsp;</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with the firm about their pursuits, how they incorporate research interests into their built works, and what it's like to build in politically unstable regions such as the Middle East.&nbsp;</p> deDraft, a Practice of Three Tucked Away in London Fields, Discuss the Benefits of a Smaller Practice and Taking a More Personal Approach Ellen Hancock 2017-12-25T09:00:00-05:00 >2017-12-30T12:15:07-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Grant Straghan founded <a href="" target="_blank">deDraft</a> in 2010 after studying at Hull School of Architecture and working for practices across the UK including <a href="" target="_blank">MAP Architects</a> in Belfast, GHM Group&nbsp;in Leeds and DMFK Architects in London. Now a solid team of three, and seven years in, they work closely together to&nbsp;create 'imaginative yet functional' design, mostly residential for now but with their sights set on much bigger things.&nbsp;</p> <p>For this <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a> feature, we spoke to the team about the benefits of staying small and how their studio set up supports their creativity.&nbsp;</p> Studio Animal, a Practice Specializing in Ephemeral Architecture, Talks About the Elasticity of a Small Studio Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-12-18T10:00:00-05:00 >2017-12-18T15:01:15-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Studio Animal</a>, the Spanish practice directed by Javier Jim&eacute;nez Iniesta,&nbsp;describes itself as an elastic platform that specializes in interior design and ephemeral architecture.&nbsp;They share a space in the neighborhood of Gracia, Barcelona where the fluctuating team sits at a 12.5 meter long table alongside friends that work in specific areas related with architecture: acoustic, landscape, technical developments, graphic design and so on.</p> <p>For this week's&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with Iniesta about the practice: their structure, their ethos, and the way they deal with their projects.</p> Stepping Into the Authentic Interiors of Smith Hanes Studio Hope Daley 2017-12-11T12:20:00-05:00 >2017-12-11T12:20:00-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Atlanta-based <a href="" target="_blank">Smith Hanes Studio</a> specializes in telling stories through <a href="" target="_blank">interior architecture</a> with an organic and holistic approach to design. The studio is known for translating the farm fresh, California wine country style to the Southeast.&nbsp;</p> <p>In this <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a> we chat with Smith Hanes on the importance of developing key relationships with fabricators, the firm's recent expansion to Nashville, and developing a space that feels real.&nbsp;</p> Williamson Williamson on Staying Small in Toronto’s Booming, Competitive Architecture Scene Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-12-04T12:25:00-05:00 >2017-12-04T12:25:21-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Located in <a href="" target="_blank">Toronto</a>, the architectural design studio <a href="" target="_blank">Williamson Williamson</a> was established by husband-and-wife duo, Shane and <a href="" target="_blank">Betsy Williamson</a>. Since its founding, the firm has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Emerging Architectural Practice Award by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the 2014 Emerging Voices Award by the Architectural League of New York.&nbsp;</p> <p>For this week's&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with the two about learning&nbsp;to balance design priorities with the realities of construction, working in the city of Toronto, and the growing number of small offices in the city.</p> Portuguese-firm Brandão Costa Arquitectos Shows Off Their Library for the Village of Caminha Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-11-28T09:00:00-05:00 >2017-11-28T09:17:07-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a> is one of Archinect&rsquo;s regular recurring series. In it, we take a look at the ins and outs of running a small-scale practice. What hurdles do you come across? Do you want to grow or stay small and flexible? What motivates your practice in the first place?</p> <p>In this excerpt from a special iteration for&nbsp;<em><a href="" target="_blank">Ed</a>,&nbsp;</em>we talk with the Portuguese practice&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Brand&atilde;o Costa Arquitectos</a>&nbsp;led by Nuna Brand&atilde;o Costa.<br></p> From Paris to Montreal, Atelier Barda Brings A French Touch to Their Designs Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-11-27T12:24:00-05:00 >2017-11-27T12:24:07-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>The Quebecois studio&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Atelier Barda</a>, founded by&nbsp;C&eacute;cile Combelle and Antonio Di Bacco, was recently named among Azure's 30 leading Canadian architectural firms. The young practice originally set up shop in Paris before launching a satellite office in Montreal, where they now reside.&nbsp;</p> <p>For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with the multidisciplinary firm about the difference between the two countries, their new furniture line, and the "French touch" they bring to their designs.&nbsp;</p> Meet Dash Marshall, the Multi-Disciplinary Design Studio Where Form Follows Fable Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-11-20T09:00:00-05:00 >2017-11-17T13:29:53-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>"We are all <a href="" target="_blank">Dash Marshall</a>" says Bryan Boyer, who works for the multi-disciplinary design studio that draws its name from an imaginary figurehead. Since its founding, the firm&mdash;which in addition to Boyer, is also led by Amy Yang and Ritchie Yao&mdash;has been designing spaces large and small while also offering consulting services, working with institutions who are grappling with cultural, technological, and urban change.</p> <p>We talked with the firm for our <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio&nbsp;Snapshots</a> about how they got their start, their design philosophy, saying no to projects, and making weird renderings.&nbsp;</p> Ate Atema Reveals Upscaling Goals for His Small NYC-Based Studio Hope Daley 2017-11-13T12:14:00-05:00 >2017-11-27T13:46:03-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Atema Architecture</a> is an innovative studio based in New York City focused on commercial and residential projects with an emphasis on collaboration between clients, consultants and builders.&nbsp;</p> <p>As part of our <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, we talk with Ate, the principal of the firm, about developing a structure early on allowing for adaptability, his upscaling goals, and the agility of a <a href="" target="_blank">small firm</a>.&nbsp;</p> Recession as Inspiration: A Small Studio Snapshot of O’Neill Rose Architects Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-11-06T14:04:00-05:00 >2017-11-06T14:04:52-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Led by Devin O&rsquo;Neill and Faith Rose, the Brooklyn based <a href="" target="_blank">O'Neill Rose Architects</a> have been widely recognized for their cozy and clean-lined residential and interior work. For this week's <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talked with the husband-and-wife team about how they got their start, and the hurdles they've overcome along the way.</p> From OMA to Raleigh; Hobgood Architects is a Family Business with Starchitect Roots Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-10-30T09:00:00-04:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>After working at <a href="" target="_blank">OMA</a>'s New York office for 8 years, Patrick Hobgood moved back to Raleigh, NC to run an architectural practice alongside his father, Kenneth, and brother, Paul. Together, with fellow associate Alan Tin, their firm, Hobgood Architects, is working on a range of a projects near and far, from a&nbsp;boutique hotel in Raleigh's warehouse district to an Art Foundation in the Middle East.</p> <p>As part of our <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, we talked with Patrick about his time at OMA-NY, what it's like running a family practice, and projects the firm is currently working on.&nbsp;</p> Peter Zellner on How His Practice Stays as Small as Possible While Doing Work that is as Big as Possible Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-10-27T11:58:00-04:00 >2017-10-24T19:48:23-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">ZELLNERandCompany</a>&nbsp;is&nbsp;an award-winning design firm based out of Los Angeles. Run by Peter Zellner, the firm has become best known for designing several notable public and private art galleries but has recently scaled up the size of their work, taking&nbsp;on several masterplanning projects.&nbsp;</p> <p>We <a href="" target="_blank">spoke with Peter</a> back in January as part of our <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot series</a>, in which he discussed his practice's vision of "develop[ing] as an independent studio that punches above its weight while remaining open to other forms of collaboration." We caught up with Peter to discuss this process and recent growth in output.&nbsp;</p> Summary, a Small Portuguese Firm, Finds Their Speciality in Standard and Low-Cost Building Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-10-23T09:27:00-04:00 >2017-10-20T19:27:51-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">Summary</a> is a young architectural studio based in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto, Portugal, founded by Samuel Gon&ccedil;alves. Recent winners of the esteemed&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Red Dot Award</a> in the "habitat" category, the firm has become known for projects such as the 'gomos house' and their installation for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, that focus on prefabrication and simplifying solutions to the building process.</p> <p>In the following <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we talk with the studio about their founding, the specialization driving their projects, and their unique graphic design.&nbsp;</p> Uncovering Undisclosable: A Revealing Sit-Down with the LA-Based Practice Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-10-16T11:55:00-04:00 >2017-10-16T18:15:06-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>I recently visited&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Undisclosable</a>&nbsp;at their office in the Arts District of Los Angeles, where I had the pleasure of meeting the practice's witty and charming founders, Bryan Flaig and Alejandra Lillo. We discussed current projects they are working on, fostering a jovial workplace and the practice's unusual, and often comedic, name!</p> NEUBAU, a Small Studio in Cambridge, Tell Us About Their Aspirations Ellen Hancock 2017-10-09T09:02:00-04:00 >2017-10-09T09:50:18-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>This week we take a <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a> of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">NEUBAU</a>, a young practice and think tank operating between <a href="" target="_blank">London</a> and Cambridge, founded by&nbsp;Brigitta Lenz and&nbsp;Alexander Giarlis. Both with extensive previous experience working for big name practices, the duo talks about how they draw on this background to create ambitious and thought-provoking work focused on sustainability.</p> Austin-Based North Arrow Studio Treat Their Business as a Creative Project Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-10-02T13:14:00-04:00 >2017-10-02T13:15:30-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">North Arrow Studio</a>, the architectural practice based in <a href="" target="_blank">Austin, Texas</a>, specializes in modern residential and commercial design that is refined and refreshingly uncomplicated. In this&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>, we share our conversation with Principal Architect, Francisco Arredondo, and colleagues Blake and Bobbie about running and working at the studio.</p> French Architect Cyril Lancelin Applies Slow Living Concepts to his Small Studio Town and Concrete Noémie Despland-Lichtert 2017-09-26T12:29:00-04:00 >2017-09-26T12:29:45-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>Cyril Lancelin from <a href="" target="_blank">Town and Concrete</a> is our latest <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>. The <a href="" target="_blank">Paris</a> and Lyon-based architect reinvents domestic spaces using simple&nbsp;shapes and innovative design. We talked with Lancelin about working from home, slow living&nbsp;and Instagram.&nbsp;</p> The Founders of NY-based New Affiliates Discuss How Their Love for Arguing Betters Their Work Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-09-18T12:12:00-04:00 >2017-09-18T12:12:57-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p><a href="" target="_blank">N/A</a>, our latest <a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshot</a>,&nbsp;is a <a href="" target="_blank">New York</a>-based architectural design practice led by Jaffer Kolb and Ivi Diamantopoulou. They are interested in using known forms, techniques and materials in new ways; creating work that is both textured and layered, typical and novel. Current projects of the firm include a house completing this fall, a hotel facade renovation, a cliffside viewing platform, and a collection of design objects.&nbsp;</p> The Iranian-Canadian Founder of Toronto-Based Aleph-Bau Talks Architectural Experimentation and Working With Her Father Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-09-11T15:26:00-04:00 >2017-09-11T21:11:33-04:00 <img src="" border="0" /><p>A couple months ago we featured a <a href="" target="_blank">wonderfully modern, renovated rowhouse</a> by the Canadian firm <a href="" target="_blank">Aleph-Bau</a>. Today, we are talking with the <a href="" target="_blank">Toronto</a>-based studio's founder, Delnaz&nbsp;Yekrangian, about her practice, transitioning into more built work, what it is like working with her father, and&nbsp;how little our building systems have changed throughout the past century!</p>