Archinect - Features 2017-12-14T21:36:29-05:00 A Conversation with Guy Nordenson, Recipient of the 2017 Richard Neutra Award Orhan Ayyüce 2017-12-14T11:19:00-05:00 >2017-12-13T21:19:58-05:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>On October 9th Guy Nordenson was presented with the 2017 Richard Neutra Award for Professional Excellence&nbsp;from the <a href="" target="_blank">Cal Poly Pomona Department of Architecture</a>. Established in&nbsp;honor of Richard Neutra's architectural legacy,&nbsp;the medal recognizes&nbsp;individuals for their dedication to the research and development of new environments in everyday life. Nordenson joins&nbsp;the award's esteemed roster of recipients, which includes&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Carme Pin&oacute;s</a>,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Tadao Ando</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Enrique Norten</a>,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Michael Rotondi</a>, and Thom Mayne.&nbsp;<br></p> <p>A few hours before Nordenson received the award, Archinect's Orhan Ayy&uuml;ce had a chance to meet with him at the historic <a href="" target="_blank">Neutra VDL House</a>. His unique position as a highly creative and visionary structural engineer led to this conversation.</p> Apple's Latest Offering is a Wood, Metal and Glass "Town Square", Designed by Foster + Partners Oliver Beasley 2017-10-25T18:47:00-04:00 >2017-10-30T02:20:02-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>With the grand opening of Apple&rsquo;s brand new <a href="" target="_blank">Chicago</a> outpost this month, it appears that the tech giant&rsquo;s new line of stores, recently renamed "town squares", has well and truly dropped. We saw a <a href="" target="_blank">sneak peek of their glass curtain wall system and super slim roof lines at the Apple Park</a> this year but it now appears that this is more than just a one-off thing for their big time California HQ; it seems that this is their latest rendition of Apple Architecture, delivered by&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Foster + Partners</a>.</p> Housing after Debt? A discussion with Alastair Parvin Hannah Wood 2017-10-20T11:28:00-04:00 >2017-10-20T11:28:16-04:00 <img src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>This month Archinect looks closer at our housing economy&mdash;how we commission and produce homes in today&rsquo;s financial climate. This year a <a href="" target="_blank">primary index</a> tracking residential real estate value in major US cities revealed American house prices are now rising at a rate of 5.9% per annum&mdash;a three year high&mdash;significantly outpacing relative income gains. This growth now more than doubles the hourly earnings of the average American, pricing many families out of the market and out of the city. Similar trends can be found across major metropolitan areas in Europe and Asia, fueling acute housing crises such as the well documented situation in London, England. I speak to designer and civic entrepreneur Alastair Parvin of London-based studio <a href="" target="_blank">Architecture 00</a> who, frustrated by a select number of poor quality homes for sale at sensational prices, is now actively looking for ways to reshape the market itself; starting by rethinking the business model.<br></p> Collaboration and Poetic Rigour - Celebrating the 'Rising Stars of Irish Architecture' David Capener 2017-10-04T04:00:00-04:00 >2017-10-06T06:55:49-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>There is a poetic rigour to the work of the practices I interviewed for my Irish Times piece: <em><a href="" target="_blank">The Rising Stars of Irish Architecture</a></em>. I&rsquo;d spent all day &mdash; from my in-car interview with Douglas Carson, stuck in traffic on the City Quay, to Laurence Lord&rsquo;s fascinating five minute cultural history of rural Irish housing &mdash; trying to avoid using the word &lsquo;poetic&rsquo;; I feared the cliche.&nbsp;</p> The Iranian-Canadian Founder of Toronto-Based Aleph-Bau Talks Architectural Experimentation and Working With Her Father Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-09-11T15:26:00-04:00 >2017-09-11T21:11:33-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>A couple months ago we featured a <a href="" target="_blank">wonderfully modern, renovated rowhouse</a> by the Canadian firm <a href="" target="_blank">Aleph-Bau</a>. Today, we are talking with the <a href="" target="_blank">Toronto</a>-based studio's founder, Delnaz&nbsp;Yekrangian, about her practice, transitioning into more built work, what it is like working with her father, and&nbsp;how little our building systems have changed throughout the past century!</p> Rethinking Frank Lloyd Wright: Thoughts from a trip through the Rustbelt Hannah Wood 2017-09-07T12:00:00-04:00 >2017-09-18T18:07:08-04:00 <img src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>While in New York this July I visited&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">MoMA</a>&rsquo;s retrospective of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Frank Lloyd Wright</a>, &lsquo;<a href="" target="_blank">Unpacking the Archive</a>&rsquo;, an extensive collection of Wright&rsquo;s production to celebrate his 150 year anniversary. Despite his revered position as America&rsquo;s prot&eacute;g&eacute; architect and seminal figure&mdash;and having studied his work in the past&mdash;a number of surprising and unexpected thoughts from the show stuck with me during my subsequent month-long journey through the American Midwest. Both a pioneer of radical experimentation and a deep-rooted member of the status quo, Wright&rsquo;s projects draw from many cultural histories and are, at times, divisive. But is it time the architecture press retires from reinventing Frank Lloyd Wright, the tireless self-publicist, and instead focuses the spotlight elsewhere? I discuss my thoughts with architect, cultural historian and Wright scholar&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Mabel O. Wilson</a>, who currently teaches architectural history and theory at&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Columbia GSAAP</a>.</p>... Iconic Buildings: I work at The Hepworth Wakefield Ellen Hancock 2017-08-31T05:00:00-04:00 >2017-09-05T11:53:53-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>For our series&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Iconic Buildings</a>, we speak to people who live or work in buildings of architectural significance. Is their exposure to an architectural wonder on a daily basis a source of inspiration or simply part of the backdrop?&nbsp;</p> <p>This time, we interviewed Kirsty Fountain who is the Executive Assistant to the directors at The Hepworth Wakefield in West Yorkshire.</p> Branch Studio Creates a Stunning Residential Extension With Raw Charcoal-Rammed Earth, Timber, Steel and Glass Justine Testado 2017-08-31T00:20:00-04:00 >2017-09-04T15:18:24-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>&ldquo;A Pavilion Between Trees&rdquo; in Balnarring, Australia stands out nicely in its rural landscape without being overbearing. Designed by the aptly named Australian practice <a href="" target="_blank">Branch Studio Architects</a>, the 85 m2-building is a new, private residential extension comprising a bedroom, an ensuite, and incorporated ancillary spaces that allow its occupants to take a breather and slow down. The structure's quiet atmosphere reflects on idyllic, simpler times long before the days of our tech-driven lifestyles.</p> Ball-Nogues Studio revives public space at Cedars Sinai hospital with their "Healing Pavilion" Julia Ingalls 2017-08-18T12:21:00-04:00 >2017-08-17T23:22:11-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>It's rare that underused structures in Los Angeles get a second chance at life, with most developers opting for the wrecking ball instead of an innovative redesign. In the case of an underused public terrace at the Max Factor Building at Cedars Sinai, <a href="" target="_blank">Ball-Nogues Studio (who spoke to Archinect about this design at the Arroyo Seco Festival)</a>&nbsp;has transformed the space into a destination spot with their signature blend of eye-catching aesthetics and nuanced materialism in the form of the "Healing Pavilion."</p> SelgasCano's Magical Rock-Like Auditorium Opens in Spain Anastasia Tokmakova 2017-08-17T12:47:00-04:00 >2017-08-18T08:16:04-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Located on the boundary between the town and the country, in outskirts of Plasencia, <a href="" target="_blank">SelgasCano</a>'s dreamy auditorium sits on a steep hillside&mdash;the edge between the nature and the city. Gently occupying the lot, cantilevering off the ground, the building stands out from the mountain landscape, its surprising materiality and colors both&mdash;complementing and contrasting the shrubby semi-urban setting.</p> Bohlin Cywinski Jackson's Tsingtao Pearl Visitor Center Reintroduces Wood Construction in China Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-08-11T09:14:00-04:00 >2017-08-14T09:24:05-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>While <a href="" target="_blank">wooden frame structures</a> are quite common in North America, in <a href="" target="_blank">China</a>, concrete, steel and brick have long been favored as the sturdier building product. <a href="" target="_blank">Bohlin Cywinski Jackson</a>'s new Tsingtao Pearl Visitor Center represents an international collaboration to reestablish lumbered building materials in the world's largest construction market.&nbsp;</p> The Continuous Reinvention of Chicago's Palace of the People Iker Gil 2017-08-10T09:00:00-04:00 >2017-08-10T11:29:46-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p><em>The 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial blog is edited in partnership with&nbsp;</em><a href="" target="_blank">Consortia</a><em>, a creative office developing new frameworks for communication. This article also features embedded content from&nbsp;</em><a href="" target="_blank"></a><em>, an online platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge.</em></p> MITHUN designs 125-foot-tall Sustainability Treehouse in West Virginia Justine Testado 2017-08-02T12:16:00-04:00 >2017-08-04T16:46:09-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Built on the arborous slopes of the 10,600-acre Summit Bechtel Reserve in Mount Hope, West Virginia, the Sustainability Treehouse stands as a beacon of outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship, and high-performance design, as design architect <a href="" target="_blank">MITHUN</a> describes. The Seattle- and San Francisco-based practice worked alongside executive architect/architect of record <a href="" target="_blank">BNIM</a> and developer Trinity Works to bring the public educational facility to life for the Boy Scouts of America.&nbsp;In 2014, the project was named an <a href="" target="_blank">AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project</a>.</p> Audain Art Museum by Patkau Architects Anastasia Tokmakova 2017-07-31T09:58:00-04:00 >2017-07-28T18:58:55-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Designed by <a href="" target="_blank">Patkau Architects</a>, the Audain Art Museum,&nbsp;located in Whistler, <a href="" target="_blank">British Columbia</a>,&nbsp;is a 56,000 square foot museum housing Michael Audain&rsquo;s personal art collection which spans the history of British Columbia from the late 18th century to the present day.&nbsp;Spacious and minimal, the structure fits elegantly into Whistler's forest landscape, creating a serene environment for visitors. Recently, the art&nbsp;museum&nbsp;received a&nbsp;Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Awards in Architecture medal in the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">2017 AIBC Architectural Awards</a>.</p> Photographing the demolition and transformation of Chicago's public housing David Schalliol 2017-07-25T12:00:00-04:00 >2017-07-25T21:06:24-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>A decade-long photo series shows the demolition and transformation of Chicago's public housing from a human perspective.</p> <p><em>This article was originally published on the&nbsp;</em><em><a href="" target="_blank">blog</a></em><em>&nbsp;of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, the largest platform for contemporary architecture in North America. The blog is edited in partnership with&nbsp;</em><em><a href="" target="_blank">Consortia</a></em><em>&nbsp;and invites designers, writers and other contributors to independently express their perspectives on the Biennial across a range of formats. The 2017 Biennial, entitled&nbsp;</em>Make New History<em>, will be free and open to the public between September 16, 2017 and January 6, 2018.</em><br></p> A modernist city in Africa and Art Deco buildings in China, among others, get added to UNESCO"s World Heritage List Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-07-11T19:51:00-04:00 >2017-07-11T19:51:49-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>The 41st session of <a href="" target="_blank">UNESCO</a>'s <a href="" target="_blank">World Heritage</a> Committee has been taking place in <a href="" target="_blank">Krak&oacute;w, Poland</a> since July 2nd. As the meeting comes to a close, the week has resulted in the designation of 21 new sites and five site boundary changes have also been approved.</p> After being destroyed in a fire, Canadian-firm Patkau Architects rebuilds the Temple of Light Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-07-06T12:23:00-04:00 >2017-07-08T16:09:52-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Construction is nearing completion on the Temple of Light at the Yasodhara Ashram in&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">British Columbia</a>, Canada. Located near Crawford Bay and a visible landmark from Kootenay Lake, the temple was the vision of Swami Radha, a pioneer in the North American yoga movement who completed the original center in 1992.&nbsp;</p> Happy Canada Day! Here's a look at some of our favorite practices from each province and territory Nicholas Korody 2017-07-01T10:21:00-04:00 >2017-09-06T11:16:03-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Every July 1, Canadians unite to celebrate their country and its history. Specifically, Canada Day commemorates the merger of what were once three separate colonies&mdash;New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Canada (contemporary Ontario and Quebec). It was a milestone in the movement from colony to commonwealth to independent country.&nbsp;</p> At UCLA's Year-End Reviews, a Diversity of Impressive Student Work Makes for a Loud 'Rumble' Anastasia Tokmakova 2017-06-28T13:29:00-04:00 >2017-06-29T14:16:03-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>As summer begins and the academic year comes to a close, all the rooms and narrow corridors of <a href="" target="_blank">UCLA</a>&rsquo;s Perloff Hall are overflowing with models and drawings, celebrating the hard work of the students with the annual exhibition-style event, Rumble.</p> Can good design cure LA’s homeless problem? We asked Mike Alvidrez, CEO of Skid Row Housing Trust Anastasia Tokmakova 2017-06-23T14:30:00-04:00 >2017-07-02T20:39:26-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>For Skid Row Housing Trust, a nonprofit developer in Los Angeles that builds housing for LA&rsquo;s homeless population, good design is a basic civil right. Understanding that the environment plays a vital role in their residents&rsquo; recovery, the organization consistently teams up with renowned architectural firms such as <a href="" target="_blank">Michael Maltzan Architecture</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Brooks+Scarpa</a> to design buildings for the homeless that stand out.</p> Screen/Print #57: Dora Epstein Jones On Re-centering 'the Building' in Architectural Discourse Nicholas Korody 2017-06-23T10:30:00-04:00 >2017-09-06T11:16:03-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>&ldquo;We <em>forgot </em>about buildings,&rdquo; claims <a href="" target="_blank">Dora Epstein Jones</a> in this provocative essay for <em><a href="" target="_blank">The Building</a></em>, a new volume edited by Jos&eacute; Arag&uuml;ez and published by Lars M&uuml;ller, featured here as part of Archinect&rsquo;s recurring series <em><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Screen/Print</a></strong></em>.</p> (Un)believable Utopias: 6 Forgotten Projects and their Provocative Stories Anastasia Tokmakova 2017-06-16T10:06:00-04:00 >2017-07-08T16:46:04-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Consciously or otherwise, social context determines design. Architecture, in turn, is capable of not only representing political ideals but also of reinforcing or shaping them&mdash;for example, through fostering forms of collective living or through breaking down gendered behavioral norms. The following projects may not be well-remembered, but they represent ambitious attempts to address or challenge the status quo through the built environment.</p> 9 Urban Planners tell us their favorite buildings in Los Angeles Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-06-09T10:21:00-04:00 >2017-06-09T12:09:44-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>It has become common practice for architects to be asked what their favorite buildings are. After all, it is <em>the</em> obvious question. That being said, the majority of people walking into a building aren&rsquo;t architects and they certainly have something to say on the matter! In that vein, we have decided to reach outside the field to find out what other types of professionals have to say about the buildings in their city.</p> Helmut Jahn on His Practice, His Career, and His Most Recent Chicago Project 1000M Nicholas Korody 2017-06-07T16:40:00-04:00 >2017-06-23T17:40:48-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Back in the day, he was known as &ldquo;Flash Gordon&rdquo;&mdash;a daring young German-American architect with equally daring designs for his adopted home of <a href="" target="_blank">Chicago</a>. Now, just over 50 years since he first arrived to the Windy City, a more experienced and restrained <a href="" target="_blank">Helmut Jahn</a> is working on a major new project for a prominent site on Michigan Avenue.</p> Parliaments around the world: what can architecture teach us about democracy? 2017-05-18T09:00:00-04:00 >2017-05-21T18:52:16-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>David Mulder van der Vegt and Max Cohen de Lara, who comprise the Amsterdam-based creative agency and architecture office <a href="" target="_blank">XML</a>, have spent the past five-years studying the halls of Parliament. Comparing all 193 different assembly halls, the duo investigates how the architecture of these political congregations affects the governing process and in effect, how architecture shapes political culture.</p><p>With recent elections in the US and abroad exposing serious divides in the politics of these nations,&nbsp;we have decided to share with you a timely excerpt from their book&nbsp;<em><a href="" target="_blank">Parliament</a>, </em>documenting their findings.&nbsp;</p> Moshe Safdie Reflects on the 50th Anniversary of Habitat 67, the Masterpiece He Completed at 25 Nicholas Korody 2017-05-10T11:41:00-04:00 >2017-05-22T00:20:07-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Fifty years ago, a young Canadian-Israeli architect got the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to realize his senior thesis for the 1967 World Fair in Montr&eacute;al. The resulting housing complex inspired generations of architects inside and outside of Canada, and its influence is visible in buildings built to this day. It wasn&rsquo;t just formal innovation that determined <a href="" target="_blank">Habitat 67</a>&rsquo;s significance&mdash;although that&rsquo;s certainly part of it&mdash;but also the new way of life it imagined by way of affordable, dense urban housing with all the greenery, spaciousness, and privacy of the suburbs.</p> From Bjarke Ingels to Kengo Kuma, Ian Gillespie is a Developer that Appreciates the Value of Architecture Nicholas Korody 2017-04-26T12:12:00-04:00 >2017-04-26T20:59:01-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Making the leap from paper to brick and mortar (or from the screen to IRL) tends to require a fair amount of financial support. Back in the old days, that would mean a wealthy patron like a Medici or a Guggenheim. And today&mdash;well, it also usually means a wealthy patron. For big projects, like a <a href="" target="_blank">BIG</a> tower, they&rsquo;re often developers. But, as every architect knows, few developers actually support innovative design. Enter someone like Ian Gillespie, the founder of <a href="" target="_blank">Westbank</a> and the backer of many significant projects by major architects, from <a href="" target="_blank">Bjarke Ingels</a> to <a href="" target="_blank">Kengo Kuma</a>.</p> Mid-Century Surprises: Sam Lubell's 10 Favorite Finds From His New Book "Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide" Sam Lubell 2017-04-20T12:10:00-04:00 >2017-04-21T17:26:58-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>The West Coast has one of the greatest legacies of mid-century modern architecture in the world. Everybody knows its legendary icons, like <a href="" target="_blank">Pierre Koenig</a>&rsquo;s <a href="" target="_blank">Case Study 22</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Eames House</a>, and the timber homes of Sea Ranch. But there are so many surprises hiding in plain sight, showcasing the exceptional talent and variety within the modernist movement, and taking you to places you&rsquo;d never go. Here are a few of the best.</p> Frank Gehry, Architectural Education, and the “Future of Prisons” Leo Shaw 2017-04-12T11:20:00-04:00 >2017-11-15T12:35:24-05:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>Last week the Architect&rsquo;s Newspaper reported that <a href="" target="_blank">Frank Gehry</a>, the 88-year old superstar of American architecture, is teaching a course at <a href="" target="_blank">SCI-Arc</a> this spring entitled &ldquo;The Future of Prison.&rdquo;</p> <p>To denizens of architecture Twitter, which has specialized in outrage over the past several months, the news seemed like a bad April Fool&rsquo;s joke. Even the course description had the tone-deaf optimism of a Silicon Valley pitch line, asking &ldquo;emerging architects to break free of current conventions and re-imagine what we now refer to as &lsquo;prison&rsquo; for a new era.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p> Trying Something New with Matter Design Mackenzie Goldberg 2017-04-10T09:00:00-04:00 >2017-04-10T14:21:26-04:00 <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><p>This week on,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Small Studio Snapshots</a>, we talk with Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee of <a href="" target="_blank">Matter Design</a>&nbsp;- an interdisciplinary studio founded in 2008. Recent finalists of the <a href="" target="_blank">2017 AZ Awards</a>, the duo discuss their love of taking on experimental projects, merging the design and making process, and even give us a little background on the history of the architecture studio.</p>