Kourosh Fathi

Kourosh Fathi

Toronto, ON, CA


South Pars Refinery

From 04/2011 to 08/2011, I was a junior engineer for TISCO, an (EPC) company based in Tehran active in energy infrastructure development.  

I worked on structural alternatives for flares which are tall combustion apparatus, ubiquitously used in oil and natural gas processing for purging unwanted fuel. Flares are important for both safety and environmental performance.     

Although the final engineering documents were outsourced, it was more economical to run design iterations in-house. Each design alternative was modeled and checked in SAP2000. This was followed by cost analysis using the members selected in the model. The design criteria were specified by the tender documents and the analysis was in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC).  

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Status: Built
Location: South Pars Refinery
My Role: Structural Engineering