Fannie Ngo

Fannie Ngo

San Francisco, CA, US


Japanese Sweets

Japanese Sweets also known as Minamoto Kitchoan is located
right on Market St, on the edge of the financial district in downtown
San Francisco. The proposal for this retail store is to redesign
it to increase customer activity and sales. The concept is
to have a place for tourists and people who work in downtown
to have a get-a-way from the fast paced life in the city. In order
to keep customers in the store a bit longer, seats and tables
to drink tea and sweets sampling would be integrated with the
sales area. Customers would be able to sit at the counter and
right in front of them choose what they would like to try. Every
sides of the space would be used to improve on circulation. The
store would be more modernized and fresh to attract all types of

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US