Erica Li

Erica Li

Los Angeles, CA, US



CONVERGE celebrates the commencement of their professional careers of
five ambitious environmental design graduates at the Art Center
College of Design in Winter 2011. This graduation exhibition showcased
the best and the proudest work of the graduating designers, whose
interpretation of the convergence of space, objects, and human
emotions created distinctive experience for the visitors.


“Environmental Design is a human-centered discipline that is focused on the design
of a user’s total experience. We span the creative environment between spatial, object
and emotional communication.”
__David Mocarski, ENV Department Chair

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Status: Built
Location: Pasadena, CA, US
My Role: Environmental design 2011 fall graduate team member
Additional Credits: Featuring work by Adam Cottingham, Yully Kim, Erica Li, Joy Lin, and Jiyoun Shin.