Erica Li

Erica Li

Los Angeles, CA, US



Erica Li specializes in spatial branding; she excels in identifying
unique brand characteristics and translating them into distinctive
design elements that imprint core brand values in space, creating a
truly memorable experience.
A recipient of the Angelo Donghia Foundation Scholarship, Erica was
recognized for her project Unleashed, an exhibition experience for
Ducati. She also had experience delivering real-world projects
overseas: she was selected to help rebrand Johnson & Johnson’s sun
screen Piz Buin in Berlin, and she participated in the award-winning
Safe Agua Chile project to bring safer drinking water to the
campamentos in Santiago.
Erica enjoys world travel, drawing insights and inspirations from the
different culture and environment each place has to offer. She looks
forward gaining more exposure and furthering her skills in her career
as an environmental designer.



Nursery in Style, Santa Monica, Project manager/ designer

Jan 2012 - current


Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, CA, US, Bachelors, Environmental Design

Environmental Design Degree: Bachelor of Science

Art Center’s Environmental Design Department focuses on the design of the total spatial experience—from the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interaction. We believe that the strength of a project’s message is based on the power of the story content and context that it defines, the interaction it creates, and the emotional interface that it accomplishes.

Environmental Design students approach design from the inside out. By understanding the emotional outcome or need, we are able to craft a stronger message to drive the context of the project. Our students tackle a broad spectrum of projects including: branded retail sites, theme restaurants, exhibition design and residential spaces. We focus on delivering effective, inclusive environments using sustainable materials and manufacturing practices.

We develop a global sense of design that investigates where and how people live, work and play—as well as a passion for designing not just what goes inside the box, but rethinking where and why the box exists. They explore new ways to blend technology and humanity to enhance ergonomics, simplify use and create emotional impact. Projects vary in scale from a single piece of furniture to a complete experience.

Through Transdisciplinary Studios, often sponsored by corporate clients, and Designmatters projects on behalf of humanitarian organizations, our students are able to apply their skills for commercial and nonprofit causes.

We intend to show that by having a strong grasp of design history, an astute awareness of present design trends and a long gaze to the future, environmental designers can contribute to the way in which future design interfaces, supports and drives our culture.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2011


Spark Award, Award


Core77 Award, Notable for Design for Social Impact (Group Award), Award

Design for Social Impact - Professional Notable: Safe Agua addresses quotidian challenges of safe water access for families living in Latin American slum developments. Driven by field research in Santiago, Chile, the team designed innovative water solutions, implemented by the NGO client: 10 Mila community laundries, Relava kitchen workstations, and 1000s of Ducha Halo portable showers.


Angelo Donghia Foundation, Scholarship

The Angelo Donghia Foundation Senior Scholarship Award, based on academic merit and financial need, is awarded to interior design students by the Angelo Donghia Foundation, created by the estate of the late Angelo Donghia, a prominent New York interior designer.


Art Center 100 Annual Scholarship, Scholarship

Award based on academic merit and financial need