Daniel Shurinov

Daniel Shurinov

Los Angeles, CA, US


Intimate Spaces

    The following project attempts to create intimacy between the viewer and the content through architectural means. This is accomplished by erecting many walls to eliminate visual and literal noise. The layout of this exhibition consists of a main artery with secluded intimate spaces branched from it. Size of seclusion continually increase and decrease to provide different levels of intimacy: up to 2 people, up to 4 people, and up to 6 people. This approach intends to slow down the viewer in an effort to prolong the time and establish a relationship between them and content.

     The content of this exhibition is curated depending on the size of the intimate spaces. The main artery will solely dedicated to photographs of the existing "Open Buildings". Bigger spaces would include more photographs and less articles dedicated to "Open Buildings", whereas small spaces would be nearly fully dedicated to articles. Such division will result in distraction-free zones.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: Instructor/Studio Coordinator - Anali Gharakhani