Douglas Sharpe

Douglas Sharpe

Tampa, FL, US


Doris Ross Reddick Elementary School

Harvard Jolly Architecture is a fully licensed organization that offers complete architectural services throughout the state of Florida. The Tampa office specializes in Education and Healthcare, and during my two and a half years employed there, I worked mainly on the Education projects as technical support staff. My main duties included, but were not limited to, the development of drawings in the Design Development and Construction Document phases of projects. During my tenure, I assisted with approximately forty to fifty different projects in multiple phases.


The Doris Ross Reddick Elementary School project was one in which I worked on all 80+ Construction Document sheets of the Architectural set. Additional tasks during the project included the creation of a SketchUp model and verifying compliance of the Florida Building Code as well as local county codes required of elementary schools.

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Status: Built
Location: Wimauma, FL, US
My Role: Technical Support - Draftsman
Additional Credits: Firm: Harvard Jolly Architecture