DKOR Interiors Inc.

DKOR Interiors Inc.

North Miami Beach


Elegant Escape

The heart of this design stems from the timeless and chic style of the owners. Elegance is portrayed not by displaying the most and the best but by finding beauty in subtlety and simplicity. The concept and driving force behind this space is Texture, which was drawn from the clients love of pointillism paintings. Texture is such a powerful design element that can bring warmth, movement, and elegance to a space. Throughout this apartment in Aventura Florida, texture is displayed either physically, from the grass cloth wall coverings, or visually, to the linen like patterns printed onto the hard surfaces. The small details and finishing touches of adding chrome and polished surfaces create a marriage with the generous use of texture to  compose an elegant space that feels like ‘home.'

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Status: Built
Location: Aventura, FL, US
My Role: Interior Design