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    Special Working Place Of Wooden Stripes by Bram Wonderbrack

    By razaieth
    Sep 8, '13 8:03 AM EST

    We tend to think that the best place is the one where you can focus, forget of the surroundings and people around you and just find your inner focus, the state and calm that you need to work and be effective while working. Of course we`re not talking about quiet places in the nature, we love those too, but we`re looking for a nice working place for our office, a place where you can both help and get help, communicate with your colleagues, a place where you have to have the opportunity of doing what you need with no problem at all. In this known context, that we all meet everyday designer Bram Wonderbrack created an unexpected working place that`s supposed to make you comfortable, confidential and pleasant but not exclude it from the social reality that we all need, we have to grab on to something in order to be kept on the right track.
    The workplace is realised with space between the wooden stripes, offering both intimacy and space to chat and collaborate with your team. We`re really curious, what “working place” represents and means for you. Let us know.
    Source Homesthetics.net

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