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    Greenery Enhancing any Assembly

    By razaieth
    Jun 29, '14 8:09 AM EST

    Sustainable architecture is architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space. Sustainable architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.

    The idea of sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations

    Don`t you think that greenery enhances absolutely any scenario?

    We would love to hear you opinion.


    • curtkram

      are you talking about marijuana?

      Jun 30, 14 2:54 pm

      Let's make our environment clean and green.

      Jul 15, 14 4:17 pm


      Jul 15, 14 6:50 pm

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