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Los Angeles, CA


Superba Snack Bar

Inspired by the paradoxical ugly beauty of Los Angeles and the rare collision of styles and personality in the Venice neighborhood we set out to incorporate equal parts freaky and sublime within a neighborhood gathering place. At Superba Snack Bar we created a relaxed, modern aesthetic- equal parts kitchen and dining room. The carefully curated Southern California-centric design elements combine in an oddly beautiful way to encourage a convivial atmosphere, reminiscent of hanging out poolside or by a campfire on the beach.

The small scale of the restaurant allows the dining area to serve as an extension of the kitchen providing diners with an intimate experience from the bar to the patio. The large expansive doors activate the street-side patio to the interior while the central communal tables and indoor/outdoor benches create a living atmosphere for social dining and casual conversations. Simultaneously, subtle interactions continue on sculptural seats and bike racks along the sidewalk. 

The graphics, branding, and signage are an extension of this mix - combining hand-drawn elements, color, a minimalist typeface, and playful reference to board games.

AIA Restaurant Design Award winner 2013.

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Status: Built
Location: 533 Rose Ave, Venice, California 90291