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Los Angeles, CA


Nong La

Nong La has strong family roots, which we explore and build upon for their second location on La Brea Avenue. Simple, straightforward materials lend comfortable familiar- to-the-touch texture to a scaled-up homelike environment. Muted colors allow vibrant ingredients to pop off. The natural world is alluded to in a custom pixellated mural of the sea and handmade tropical wallpaper in muted grays. Floating overhead, these patterns combine with mirror to add unusual depth and perceptual play to the space. The exterior patio, created by removing the existing storefront, acts as a threshold between the busy avenue and the warmth of the kitchen. Re-creating covered porticos of traditional vietnamese street-life and shining as a beacon at night, it draws visitors in to the middle ground of the dining room.

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Status: Built
Location: 145 N La Brea Ave. ‪#‎B‬ Los Angeles, CA 90036