Dellekamp Arquitectos

Dellekamp Arquitectos

Mexico, MX


Zeivy House

This weekend house in front of the lake of Valle de Bravo features a public area on the ground that opens completely to the view of the lake. The wall to the north is solid, where a group of trees on the adjacent lot blocks the view. The upper floor has private areas turns around looking for the better views at that height, and to let the Eastern sun rush in to the lower level. The studio and bedrooms have thus a big terrace connecting them to the outside. The swimming pool is suspended on a cantilever-like catwalk where different views reveal themselves as you walk along.


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Status: Built
Location: México, MX
My Role: Architectural Project
Additional Credits: Program: Single Family House
Location: Valle De Bravo, México
Status: Built
Architectural Project: Dellekamp Arquitectos
Project Leader: Aisha Ballesteros, Alejandro Santillanes
Team: Tania Velazco, Rodrigo Alcocer, Victor Jaime, Alin Vázquez,
M. Teresa Catrip