Dellekamp Arquitectos

Dellekamp Arquitectos

Mexico, MX


Tetelpan House

A 4,000 sq. meter lot in southern Mexico City has been kept as a tree plantation for 40 years. The owner decided to build a small house completely surrounded by vegetation, making sure it was about a garden with a house and not the other way around. The core idea was to create a sequence of open gardens within the major garden that interweaves with the house, creating different open spaces that are to be discovered every time we move from one programmatic space to another. This relation is contained within a rectangle that is enveloped with a fragile veil, the point were the exterior flows to the interior.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: México, MX
My Role: Architectural Project
Additional Credits: Program: Single Family House
Location: Tetelpan, México
Status: Project
Architectural Project: Dellekamp Arquitectos
Project Leader: Aisha Ballesteros
Team:Alin Vázquez, Victor Jaime, Juan Carlos Vidals, Alejandro Santillanes