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    Delirious Shanghai

    Evan Chakroff
    Oct 5, '11 5:53 AM EST

    So, now that Archinect's got a new blog infrastructure, I feel obligated to share some observations on my life and work post-graduation (See previous entries for half-assed observations on life at the KSA).

    Long story short, in 2009 I moved to Rome. In 2010 I moved to Shanghai. It's a fascinating city - and a great place to be an architect. I've been thinking about putting together a treatise of sorts on Shanghai (Shanghaiism?) for some time now, posting fragments of theories on my own website (, but I've never really allowed these scattered thoughts to coalesce into anything concrete...

    I hope this new community blog platform (and the "guaranteed" audience that comes with it) will give me the impetus to reformat/edit/copy/paste/resurrect some of my old thoughts about life/architecture/urbanism in Shanghai, and, of course, continue to write about this city - a city that seems to reinvent itself every year.... a city that seems to evade analysis and reflection......

    but shit. there's no time now - another deadline coming up. work to be done.

    Stay tuned......


    • Benms

      I look forward to hearing all about it. As an on and off visitor to Shanghai for the last 11 years, it continually astounds and fascinates me. Hard to define, but it seems to have such and extraordinary mix of all the right ingredients.

      Oct 7, 11 8:47 am  · 

      It's a fascinating city. Keeping up the blog will be difficult with the speed and amount of WORK i'm doing here.... but I will try.... First steps will be to edit and repost some of my earlier thoughts from my own website.... a good chance to revisit my thinking from last year, and see how much the city has changed me.... 

      Oct 8, 11 12:50 am  · 

      yeah dude! I'm working in Beijing now -but visited Shanghai a couple of weeks ago. I must say I felt very odd in Shanghai, it barely felt like China at times. I look forward to what you have to say about the city.


      Oct 8, 11 3:35 am  · 

      I love the Shanghai version of Delerious New York. But shouldn't it be the Shanghai WFC and The Shanghai Center building in bed with Jin Mao looking on distastefully?

      Oct 20, 11 1:57 pm  · 

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