New York, NY


Upper East Side Residence


The full renovation of an Upper East Side Residence.




The renovation of this 3700-square-foot home centered around opening up a traditional upper east side apartment into an ‘open plan’ layout more in the tradition of the conversions of industrial lofts into living lofts. The transformation of traditional apartments into modern spaces meets with many challenges, one of which is the ‘wet over dry rules’, maintenance of ‘riser walls’ and the banging steam pipes. The first part of the project is a jigsaw puzzle around the remaining core elements.

Architecturally, two apartments were combined to meet the spatial needs of a family of six. With five bedrooms, including a cavernous master suite for relief from the family sounds, this apartment also features a large square open kitchen and Island which unfolds into the living room. The emphasis was on reconstructing family life in the digital age by creating a larger communal space between the kitchen and living room and bedrooms to lessen the desire or the need for the children to hide in their private rooms as a central catalyst for their family life. Once the Living room, dining room were opend to each other, the row of windows appeared and organized the space. Windows facing North open space on 11th floor, really allowed the house to feel open to light & air. For the more pragmatic issues of arrival of 4 kids, with coats, bags, shoes, balls and bats, the entry foyer was designed like a ‘mud room’ with 5 vertical lockers, one for keys and mail and 2 coat closets, one for guests and one for the parents.

The master bedroom an important place for parents of four, was layered with walk in closet, closet off of the bathroom and bedroom facing the windows with built in head board and side tables.

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Status: Built
Location: Upper East Side, New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect & Designer