Douglas Bailen

Douglas Bailen

Ventura, CA, US



I hope to leverage my 25+ years of CAD experience and my lifetime of technology immersion to
design thoughtful products and services for customers or students. I will deliver creative design
solutions that are reinforced by my technical education. I am seeking a position that will be
challenging and allow me to use both my artistic and technical talents. 


100doors, LLC, Ventura, CA, US, Lead Designer

I have provided software training, CAD services, 3D exhibit design, maps, print, & tradeshow strategy services. Working primarily in the event industry, I have produced technical drawings, exhibit renderings, marketing tools, & automated the display of the related data.

Aug 2009 - current

Map Your Show, Cincinnati, OH, US, Cad Engineer & Consultant

Producers of an industry leading tool for handling the information in a tradeshow, I worked remotely on their advanced CAD needs & the programming to reduce those needs. I additionally worked on the development team for testing functionality & studying usability.

Jul 2011 - Dec 2016

Immersa Marketing, San Francisco, CA, US, Director of New Technology

I was a 3d exhibit designer & marketing strategy team member for an event marketing agency. I worked closely with clients & colleagues to help solidify ideas into something that can be built. In addition to artwork and brainstorming, I attended conferences as an observer, & wrote strategic reviews of content, marketing successes, & event production.

Jan 2008 - Jun 2009

Champion Nationwide Contractor, Brisbane, CA, US, Designer

The mind & muscle behind hundreds of events across the country, Champion brought me in to create floor plans, 3d models, render exhibits, & refine their CAD strategies.

Aug 2005 - Jan 2008

ZD Events, Foster City, CA, US, Designer

I was responsible for 3d exhibit renderings, floor plans, maps and data handling.

Jan 1997 - Dec 2004

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US, Graduate Teaching Assistant

The course I taught emphasized creating, understanding, & visualizing, blueprints, & detailed 3D models. I provided tutoring, hands-on classroom instruction, & lectures to 700+ students.

Aug 1990 - May 1996


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US, Masters, Industrial Technology

This curriculum focused on modern manufacturing technologies, automatic data capture, and the mathematics to measure and describe it.

Aug 1994 - May 1996

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US, Bachelors, Industrial Design

The industrial design curriculum was a rigorous program that used brute force and practice to teach our hands how to get our ideas on paper or into models using tools from pens and pastels to plastics and Bondo.

Aug 1990 - May 1994

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US, Technical Graphics

This associates degree taught the fundamentals of interpreting and creating architectural and mechanical drawing standards. This degree emphasized precision and adhering to standards.

Aug 1988 - May 1990

Areas of Specialization