David Irwin

David Irwin

Brooklyn, NY, US



I received my undergraduate education from Pratt Institute where I studied Architecture; and aquired skills in furniture design while in Copenhagen, Denmark at the København Universitet Møbeldesign.

I enjoy working at multiple scales of design. Projects range from the pragmatic to the speculative as I have independently designed a boutique in soHo and an installation in Munich, Germany.  Projects are rooted in curiosity, rigorous experimentation and a passion for creation.

Professionally, I have been involved with large scale Institutional work, both designing and drafting elements of Museums and Theaters, as well as small scale residential living spaces. 



Lebbeus Woods, New York, NY, US, Text Transcriber

This freelance project was done for Architect, Lebbeus Woods; I was asked to translate a conversation between himself and Architect, Thom Mayne into written text. This text was later published on Lebbeus' blog:

Jul 2011 - Jul 2011


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2006 - May 2011


Rosenfeld Travel Grant; 'Best Thesis Proposal', Award

The Rosenfeld Travel Grant; 'Best Thesis Proposal'; was awarded by Dean of Pratt Institute's School of Architecture, Thomas Hanrahan to me for my senior thesis proposal, Research Infrastructure Greenland. This proposal explores the tectonic relationship of changing ground conditions on Greenland's ice-cap and a new way to think about constructing architecture in the arctic.

Upon receiving this Grant, I arranged a trip to Lyngby, Denmark where I met with ARTEK Director, Arne Villumsen to discuss my proposal for the West Coast of Greenland. Correspondence is still open between myself and the Danish Consulate, as well as several other energy organizations pertaining to the further development of this project.