Dariush Seddighzadeh

Dariush Seddighzadeh

Irvine, CA, US



“What would you do if your dreams come true? I would build a lovely house…” Every time I listen to this song by Chris De Berg, my heart start pumping faster can’t help it and I take it literally. If ever my dreams come true not only I will build a lovely house but I will also design lots of fascinating buildings!
                Architecture in my eyes is not just the science of designing construction or a way to make a living, there is a lot more involved, lots of passion for art, lots of hope for everlasting life .I look at this world and I admire the creativity of its creator, why would there be any difference when I am looking at an ancient tomb? It has what it takes to take me back to the time gone when people had different desire of shape and style for what they called home. It gives me chance to see the difference of human thought over the long history of civilization.
                 I always feel blessed since as a little kid I had the opportunity of living in an ancient city in Iran, Shooshtar.Sometimes I can’t help it wondering if that seeded the love of architecture in my heart beside my  passion for art. I was breathing in a city surrounded by historical building. As a high school student I was great at math and any task that was somehow related to creativity or any type of art. I finished high school with third position among 500 top students who participated in the “High school Exit concur test”. I graduated from high school earning two diplomas in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ferdossi High school, Shoos tar, Iran.
                  I was in love with our city and any building was a singe. Like any teenager I was trying to figure out myself, my dreams, my understanding of life. Nothing like music and drawing could help me get through. By the time I finished high school I was sure that I like to advance myself so maybe one day I’ll be the designer of that piece of art!
                   To pursue my dream after high school I moved to United States, I attended Orange Coast College where I met so many wonderful professors who lit up my way to success and help me to earn skills that will be beneficial in my future career in architecture.


Caspian, Irvine, CA, US, Manager

Mar 2009 - current


Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2011 - current

Ferdowsi, Shoushtar, High School, IT

Aug 2007 - Jun 2008

Ferdowsi, Shoushtar, High School, Mathematic

Aug 2003 - Jun 2007


Math Contest, 3rd Place


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