Dan Weber Architecture

Dan Weber Architecture

Santa Barbara, CA | Portland, OR



This 3,000-square-foot ultramodern home is situated in Santa Barbara's coveted Riviera neighborhood, adjacent to a large, natural ravine fraught with mature oak trees. Architect Dan Weber completely remodeled and reimagined the original 1950's mid-century modern home, and brought new life to the property. The extensive remodel effort featured custom, mid-century inspired finishes and an ultramodern design aesthetic.

Boasting expansive views of Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands, the home was designed to maximize the amount of glazing, and elevate resident access to the natural light and breathtaking views. The steep driveway and reinforced, driveable lawn are unique aspects of the property. Especially stunning features of this remodel project include the walnut cabinetry and walnut flooring throughout the home, as well as an 8-foot-wide custom pivoting front entry door.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect, Project Manager
Additional Credits: Photographed by Erin Feinblatt