Damien Martin

Damien Martin

Gainesville, FL, US


Greystone Apartments

This project is located on the corner of SW 9th Street and SW 6th Avenue in the University Heights Historic District. The proposed 26,000 SF three-storey apartment complex is set among three two-story existing historic fieldstone structures. In keeping with the volumetric rhythm of the existing neighborhood, the apartment will be broken up into two pods. This massing attempts to match the overall architectural scale and proportion of the historic neighborhood. The orientation of the pods create continuity between the existing and proposed structures, break up the massing of the proposed buildings and maintain a directional expression with the adjacent historic structures. The apartment consists of features, such as porches, balconies and a shared courtyard that unites the existing and proposed. The architecture attempted to reflect the frame vernacular and craftsman/bungalow vocabulary of the neighborhood. The exterior finish materials give each pod its own architectural identity. The northern pod consists of field stone and lapped siding. The southern pod consists of brick veneer, lapped siding and stucco.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Gainesville, FL, US
My Role: Designer/Project Architect
Additional Credits: Wayland Structural Engineering, Buford Davis & Associates Landscape Architects, Nix Engineering, CHW Civil Engineering.