Christian Newman

Christian Newman

Ann Arbor, MI, US


St. Elizabeth Hospice Bereavement Center

     The Bereavement Center is an exploration in negotiating the extremes of the emotional states associated with grieving through the spacial relationships defined by fellowship and seclusion, community and isolation. These relationships were controlled by our concept for a branching, cyclical circulation that becomes more isolated as it rises while providing escape to sheltered environments for the grieving. To further the notion of increasing isolation, the facade treatment responds to the user through fluctuations in permeability achieved through a system of frosted channel glass and concrete, as well as the material qualities of the spaces themselves. The program was divided into three general categories based on the emotional state of the user. We defined our program based on the five stages of grief, which were broken down further into the emotional states of numbness (private), disorganization (semi-public), and reorganization (public). Programmatic spaces were placed in order to allow for the easiest transitions between emotional states. The overall transition from public to private is to be experienced through vertical procession. The form of our building directly follows this functionality and augments its perception through materiality.

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Status: School Project
Location: UK/CoD