Christian Newman

Christian Newman

Ann Arbor, MI, US


Falls of the Ohio Geology Center+

Set against the backdrop of one of the rarest natural phenomena in the world, the Falls of the Ohio fossil beds, the Geology Center+ not only coexists, but conforms to its surroundings, disappearing into the landscape. The goal was to blend in with the scenery while still generating a clear formal identity, a landmark for the city of Louisville. Rich in views of nature and the city, with access to the fossil beds, the site immediately becomes a circulation hub for different user groups with very different needs on the site. A clear circulation that provides access and efficient maneuverability become the driver of the design. Separation and connectivity. The three main circulatory paths serve the three main user groups: Education (those researching the fossils and lecturing in the museum), Learning (those at the site to see the fossils and visit the museum), and the employees. Once program is placed on the site, the paths come together in public zones and separate to reach user specific areas. The resulting overlapped condition creates a dynamic space that responds not only to user needs, but also to the rhythms of the falls.

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Status: School Project
Location: UK/CoD