Camil Bosch

Camil Bosch

Los Angeles, CA, US



This project was a collaboration between the local government, our university and the China based studio URBANUS. The assignment was to create a pavilion that would represent the Catalan identity. The project was located in Plaça Nova a plaza in front of the Barcelona’s cathedral and next to an old aqueduct. Because the pavilion was located in front of such a representative building we approached the idea of the identity from an architecture point of view. The project continued the broken aqueduct with roman arches that gradually transformed into the well-known “volta catalana” (catalan voult) explaining the evolution of the arch trough our construction. The pavilion also changed the space dividing the oversized Plaça Nova and creating a more humble and enclosed space on which different shows of Catalan culture would happen. The pavilion was also a way to create a shading space where people could gather and overcome the hot Spanish summer. 

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Status: Built
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: Designer Team
Additional Credits: URBANUS and La Salle URL