Camil Bosch

Camil Bosch

Los Angeles, CA, US


Community center and home for the elderly

This project is located in Barcelona, in an area called Poblenou, a former industrial district, on one of the oldest streets of the city (Pere IV – 250 years of history). I was asked to develop a building embracing a community center, a library and a home for the elderly. Located on an irregular and complicated L shaped plot, the project adapts to its heterogeneous surroundings by variations in shape and use. The community center is conceived as a low, transparent building facing Pere IV, a street that will soon be transformed by the local government into a “civic street”, with low traffic large curbs and plenty of amenities and facilities. In a second plane I place the library, which grows behind the community center and encloses a private open space for the community center to use. Finally, the Home for the elderly rises up in Badajoz street, in a more urban scale, consolidating the famous corner grid (xenfrà) of Barcelona. This combination of diverse heights and uses allows for an easier merging with the neighborhood, a patchwork of old, small and low industrial buildings and new tall office buildings. The project favors the idea of a community with different types of customers, offering meeting spaces where the elderly and the young can mingle, building together a sense of belonging. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: School Project