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Emmett Zeifman Travel Blog Yale University

Robotic Paintings 1.0

May 12 '17 2

Austin Samson


On rented accommodation...

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University of Liverpool (drs) University of Liverpool

Its been a while

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Arizona State University (Joe) Arizona State University


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University of New Mexico SAaP (Mike) The University of New Mexico


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Eulalia Moran

AA Visiting School Los Angeles Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA)

Post-New Orleans

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Arizona State University (Joe) Arizona State University

The rational and strategic thinking of the interdisciplinarity in urban planning

May 15 '17 2

Mikkel Sølbeck

360 ° Livable Urbanism
Storehouse Japan

The Wonderful - Explorations in the Giardini : Japan

Jun 1 '16 1

Kristen Gandy

The Architectural Imagination Exhibition Fellows University of Michigan
Rainy Downtown

Day 5 / Rio de Janeiro

Nov 29 '13 2

Ian Wilson

Cultural effects on the Built Environment in Rio de Janeiro
Walk with light

LIC Arts Open festival - WALK WITH LIGHT

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NYC Architecture in Decay

Summer Look

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Designhaus Architecture

Design Haus Designhaus Architecture
For those of you who had been with me since 2011 when I first started this blog, you might’ve noticed I’ve stopped blogging for over a year. Blame it on moving around a lot, working 70 hours a week, dealing with family issues... Well, the truth is I was having a massive burnout - I know that’s something we all face from time to time. | Joann Lui

How To Overcome The Young Architect Burnout + Why I Stopped Blogging For A Year

Feb 15 '17 6

Joann Lui

Craft Your Creative Career

Machu Picchu

Feb 6 '17 4

Anton Romashov

Shadow free street lighting

LIGHT obstruction by trees

May 22 '15 1

Pon Kumaresh

Light - As we See it! Lightvolumes Lighting Designers
Kuala Lumpur City Center

Kuala Lumpur City Center

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Kuala Lumpur Mega Malls Antony Stefan Architect, PLLC

the hard life of a mexico city combi driver

Jun 18 '13 3

Alec Perkins

Adventures in Squareland

Random Thought #4.2: Back to a Future!

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Olaf Design Ninja_

on behalf of Olaf Design Ninja

VII. Water: a Phenomenal Lens - Fundamentals of Architecture for beginners (Steven Holl on Enmeshed Experience)

May 4 '17 1

Farzam Kharvari

Radio Architect

How To Hire an Architectural Photographer - Part 1

Mar 16 '15 1

Jeremy Segal

Modern Architectural Photography

Gagnam Style : Material Innovation + Concrete Construction

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Home Architecture

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Designhaus Architecture

Design Haus Designhaus Architecture

Most Excellent Adventures in Math + Architecture 0.01

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Creations and Analysis Out of Boredom

Silverlake 2017

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Top 5 Airports Ever! (Special Issue)

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Farzam Kharvari

Radio Architect
Rendering of the new BILDS house built by University of Oregon students.

Student design-build project wins innovation honors

Oct 11 '16 4


University of Oregon College of Design University of Oregon
Tastes Like Rain

Notes on time travel

Apr 16 '17 3

Mitch McEwen

Another Architecture

Week 9, Patsy Terry

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University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Interior Design 420 The University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Planning for knowledge‐based urban development: From a national and global perspective

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Mikkel Sølbeck

360 ° Livable Urbanism
the final target form measured 12.5m X 5.0m x 3.8m

STIK project part 6

Jan 2 '15 3

Kevin Clement

Advanced Design Studies - The University of Tokyo University of Tokyo, G30 Architecture and Urbanism