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    Random Thought #1 - Post Olaf Interview

    By Olaf Design Ninja_
    Apr 20, '14 2:12 PM EST

    Leaving Olaf that rainy night I realized I had consumed far too much Hunter S. Thompson in the past week and far too much rum in the past hour.  Out of the one hundred or so listens to Digits and Lines I think over twenty were mine.  It was 3am and I had still not found the Garden State Parkway driving around in my car.

    If I really was a replicant, a biological robot automata with implanted memories, who did these memories belong to?  How does an automata find meaning if duality is really a condition and you are an automata made to exist on one side of this split existence? Damn Rene Descartes.

    The Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright is in the movie Blade Runner as the backdrop for the Blade Runner’s apartment.  A Blade Runner is the human that retires (kills) replicants.  At Architecture Discovery Program at Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U) they screened Blade Runner for us so that we could learn about the Ennis House.  My first studio all-nighter experience and first déjà vu experience occurred at Wash U.  If someone had asked me, I could of performed the next five seconds of everyone’s interactive performance at the studio jury.


    When meaning is unattainable it can best be found in obscure repetitive inanimate objects, like the blocks in the Ennis House.  These blocks are surely loaded with meaningful patterns, their inanimate redundancy asks for subjective interpretation, unless of course Frank Lloyd Wright was trying to build something cryptic alluding to some Masonic order.


    If I was going to find the Garden State Parkway after this much rum I needed signs, signs that repeated at each turn letting me know my path as a vessel was heading somewhere.  The memories were not mine, I was just a replicant, so I hoped I had enough borrowed memories to put patterns together and find a meaningful path. After all, this is how humans learn according to Jeff Hawkins thanks to the Neocortex, the evolutionary difference between humans and animal automata.  Could my memories be parametric? Not all Garden State Parkway signs look alike or appear the same way in the rain under my car’s headlights.


    I was certain the answer to everything that moment was in the Ennis blocks. I pulled off to the shoulder and opened my laptop.  I began tracing images of the blocks found on the internet in the computer.  I ran mathematical formulas based on the dimensions including Albrecht Dürer magic square.  I looked for prime numbers in the dimensions.  I found possible sieve of Eratosthenes solutions and had a hard time finding golden mean proportions.  I was nearly certain traces of the Sigma Code based on Cecil Balmond's book “Number 9” were visible.


    As the sun began to rise and my laptop battery was about to die I thought I had come close to solving the Ennis Block pattern. Having not slept all night a moment of déjà vu occurred…A bird flew by me from the right and a cop car drove by me from the left.

    Were my borrowed memories ahead of schedule?  There were not enough memories to inform me on how to interact with the cop before he knocked on my window.  The cop reversed quickly and stepped out to approach my vehicle.


    Download CAD and 3DS Model Here


    Bibliography/Key Links:

    "Meditations on First Philosophy in which the Existence of God and the Distinction between the Soul and the Body are Demonstrated" - Rene Descartes, 1641

    "On Intelligence", Jeff Hawkins with Sandra Blakeslee, 2004

    "Number 9", Cecil Balmond, 1998


    Random True Note:

    Two others in the Washington University Discovery Program (1996) photo graduated with the author of blog at the same school of architecture at University of Kansas same year, 6 years later...

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