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    First/Second Year

    By jtwang
    Sep 23, '13 10:54 PM EST

    Now that I've graduated, it's time for some reflection, starting with first and second year in ISU's architecture program.

    DSN S 102 is the dreaded first design studio, before any of us have "made it" into a degree program. Above is a doorway, constructed from lumber, with hand saws and chisels, in teams of three and four.

    The culminating project in this studio involves building a tool out of paper, a sculptural "space container" from a piece of the tool, and multiple 2d drawings. A design cultures course (history, more or less) and a still-life drawing course round out the first year. After a competitive portfolio submission process, students are accepted into the various design programs.

    Putting the portfolio together.

    Second year started with precedent studies, involving plans, models, and sections. Our model was the Nail Collector's House by Steven Holl.

    The geometry of this window was ridiculously hard to determine...

    After slaving away on models for weeks, we sawed them in half to make section drawings. Ours was the Villa dall'Ava by Rem Koolhaas.

    Louis Sullivan's bank in Grinnell, Iowa, on our fall field trip.

    Gehry building in Iowa City.

    WIth the furniture chained down.

    And a dramatic interior atrium.

    Oddly enough, part of it was being used by the rowing club (which happened to be our program for the semester project).

    Gwathmey Siegel, Levitt Center.

    Steven Holl.

    David Chipperfield's Figge Museum in Davenport.

    Some study models on a river cruise.

    The final project in fall was a boathouse for 60 rowing shells.

    Packing the model up to take back to school after a "leisurely" Thanksgiving break (laser cutters were off limits for second-years).

    Spring semester started with an infill apartment building.

    Some light tubes.

    Learning to watercolor an elevation.

    Chicago field trip.

    The Robie.

    The final project in our studio was a women's shelter.

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