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    Harlem Shake - Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture

    Dawit Rezene
    Feb 18, '13 2:05 PM EST

    The University Of Houston College of Architecture decided to do the Harlem Shake. Pretty Cool.

    The UH COA Harlem Shake


    • nerdybynature



      So please, stop making a fool of yourselves and being the stereotypical "white boy", because you're making a mockery of an actual dance that represents an aspect of urban culture

      Feb 21, 13 7:37 pm

      good job UH for a failed understanding of cultural nuances

      Feb 21, 13 7:41 pm

      stupid, white, hipsters. go co-opt another culture and create a meme to make fun of people.

      Feb 22, 13 10:50 am

      el oh el

      Feb 22, 13 7:12 pm

      It's funny how a dumb video clip of some kids dancing can get a few folks so whipped up.  It's like Footloose all over again!

      Feb 23, 13 11:28 pm

      i thought architecture students were supposed to be cultured folks.

      Feb 24, 13 10:43 am

      stupid, white, hipsters.

      Mar 2, 13 1:39 pm

      As someone who understands meme culture I found this absolutely amazing and I would agree that it is one of the best renditions. The Harlem Shake was a dance nearly a decade ago BUT now... in modern times,the meme goes like this: everyone uses the same song, starts off with one sole dancer in a weird awkward room of people and then hilarity ensues all non sequitur like.

      For further education and to the death of ignorance  please refer to this compilation video


      So with that, GO COOGS!

      Mar 2, 13 3:40 pm


      Mar 2, 13 8:37 pm

      this is why white people get made fun of haha. 

      Mar 3, 13 10:18 am

      ignorant?  misinformed?  an aspect of urban culture?  sort of like line dancing, the macarena, the locomotion, and the mashed potato?  all important vestiges of the cultures they represent.  i'm sure people get offended when someone has fun with the mashed potato too.

      i would like to offer this as a learning opportunity.  get over yourself and you will be a happier, slightly more well-adjusted person.  the world doesn't revolve around you and your delusions.  as evidence that the problem is you and not everyone else, i think you'll notice that lebron james is not white, and he's not a hipster.  (you can refer to one of FRaC's posts above)  yet he can still have fun.  he doesn't have to act all sanctimonious and be offended by other people to validate a misconception that he's better than everyone else.  he can simply act like a fool and have fun with it, because it's fun.  be happy.  be simple.  you don't have to nail yourself to a cross for your 'non-white culture.'

      i like this one.  go KU!  Final 4!

      Mar 3, 13 10:45 am

      ain't that grand! LeBron, the black uber nouveau riche basketball player can do it, so it can't be wrong, right? 



      just because Chappelle can say it, doesn't mean white trash pukes from the burbs get to drop the n-bomb like they own the word.

      Mar 3, 13 10:41 pm

      I have no idea what you're talking about beta. First, it looks like you're suggesting lebron, along with all of the miami heat as well as the KU basketball team I linked to, will not fit into some sort of concept of "culture" you've manufactured because they are rich and play basketball. Since it's not about lebron, i could help provide the names of some of the other people in those videos. If they switched sports would you then allow them into your group? Second, the N word. I watched the original clip again just to make sure. I get about 7 words and not a single one of them starts with "N." So you just thought it would be easier to make up something entirely unrelated and pretend that will either explain why you're upset or somehow justify it? I'm just suggesting that if your stance was based on a rational observation of real life you would not have to be upset or offended at these videos. It would be alright if you to let other people have a little fun and act a little foolish without jumping to the conclusion that they're attacking the symbolic foundations of your culture.

      Mar 3, 13 11:28 pm

      actually, what i think i'm saying, is that because members of one particular ethnic, and/racial group do something, does not mean that members of another racial group, primarily those being white - that somehow have no problems with appropriating, or adorning themselves with the memes/cultures of another group - get to reap the benefits of that appropriation, and suffer none of the consequences of having done so. white people have done it all the time, all through out american culture, what isn't acceptable for a black person to do, is almost always seen as funny, or cute when some dumb white kid - err Elvis - does it.


      so, i tell you what, i'll listen to what the people from harlem said about the videos. 

      Mar 3, 13 11:44 pm

      it's not a race thing.  that would be like someone hispanic telling me i can't eat a taco because tacos are theirs and white people aren't allowed to assimilate hispanic culture into their cuisine.  most people wouldn't tell me i can't eat a taco, because that would be stupid.  clear evidence has already been provided that people of all races are making these videos.  you seem to be cherry picking facts to support your manufactured rage and ignoring any evidence to the contrary, like fox news fans and tea partiers.  that's not a good path.

      if you really want to be pissed off, this is what justice scalia said about the voters rights act:

      I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement. It's been written about. Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes....And I am fairly confident it will be reenacted in perpetuity unless—unless a court can say it does not comport with the Constitution... [T]his is not the kind of a question you can leave to Congress.

      he seems to think black people shouldn't be entitled to privileges like voting.  he thinks the courts needs to abolish the law because congress won't do it for him.  combine this with redistricting to reduce black votes and placing fewer voting machines in black communities and otherwise making it more inconvenient to vote.  that's what racism looks like.  seriously.  think about it.  compare in your head the difference between a dance craze from the 80's and a history of voter suppression.

      but then, voter suppression is your thing.  apparently it's really important to you that you isolate your culture and causes and not allow the rest of us to involve ourselves because you're different from the rest of us.  so i suppose i shouldn't be concerned.  after all, we're not "one people;" you're you and you would find it offensive for me to pretend we can work together or get along with each other.

      if you want to try to fix some of the real racism, it might be more effective for you to work with others who dislike discrimination rather than telling them you're different and you'll be offended if they get too close.

      Mar 4, 13 8:16 am

       It is funny how people get offended over the most trivial things while other real issues go almost unnoticed. 

      Mar 4, 13 10:21 am

      appropriation of another's cultural for your own personal amusement, is neither funny, nor fun. as many have pointed out elsewhere, this bullshit comes and goes, and the truth gets buried and marginalized by these fucking idiots, and dare i say racist poseurs. clearly everyone is trying to be the next Psy.


      stop fronting.


      oh, and eating a taco does not make you a racist. eating a taco, while wearing a sombrero, and talking like Speedy Gonzales, does make you a racist. thanks for trying to set up a strawman, curtis.

      Mar 4, 13 11:04 am

      he (scalia) seems to think black people shouldn't be entitled to privileges like voting.

      no, scalia thinks all races should be treated the same - that you don't get special treatment because of your race.

      Mar 4, 13 11:50 am

      while my strawman was indeed a strawman, i think it's still a somewhat appropriate comparison.  the harlem shake as a dance is not as significant to civil rights as say rosa parks or dr. king or the 15th amendment.  if it was truly a racist symbol, there wouldn't be so many black people jumping on the bandwagon.  if those people weren't having fun with this thing that people are doing for fun, they wouldn't have done it.

      think of it this way beta.  i generally believe all people should have equal access to education, work, housing, the american dream, etc.  sincerely, i think that would be preferable to denying people opportunity based on race.  sometimes i meet rural missouri people or wherever who may have never actually met a black person in their lives.  sometimes, these people are actual honest racists.  they exist and support people like todd akin.  there are more people like this than i am comfortable with. 

      i want to defend the position that we should all work together to build a stronger country, but if their impression of black people in general is angry guys shouting about a dance that 'we' took from 'them,' i have a difficult time trying defend your position.  if harlem shake is "yours," and voting rights and the right to accumulate capital is "ours," then a lot of these people are perfectly happy letting you self-segregate yourself and electing people who think separate but equal is just fine.  they want republican governors and redistricting that limits your ability to vote for legislators that support your best interest.

      allowing people equal access to a voting booth is not special treatment.

      Mar 4, 13 12:33 pm

      FRaC, yeah, because if there wasn't a little thing called poll taxes, or testing for intelligence or competency, you know, that niggling thing called racism.

      Mar 4, 13 2:59 pm

      1950 was 63 years ago, b3ta

      and elvis is dead

      Mar 4, 13 3:29 pm

      yeah, and 2009-2012 has seen more gerrymandering of house districts than ever, just because black, asian, and hispanic voters decided to use their power. now, we have a governor disenfranchising black voters in michigan. republican governors all over this mother effer passing laws, or trying to pass laws to limit voting. VA state legislature voting to impose voting reistrictions while a member was at obama's inaugural, when they said they would not.


      then, we have these lovely, bucolic, suburban communities, with prisons, that get to count prisoners as part of the population - for the census - yet those same prisoners do not get to vote, have their rights infringed, and have zero representation.


      yeah, america has a problem, a problem owning up to their bullshit.


      jim crow aint dead y'all. confederate fries for everyone!!

      Mar 4, 13 4:18 pm

      cross-breed now

      Mar 4, 13 10:08 pm
      boy in a well

      el oh el?

      is that hebrew?

      Mar 5, 13 3:40 am

      no, eisenmanish

      Mar 5, 13 11:23 am


      Mar 5, 13 5:58 pm

      Yeah University of Houston is clearly a racist, ignorant, culturally misinformed institution..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

      Mar 20, 13 10:32 am

      the school might be diverse, but the program, that's another story. another story is this; who gives a shit, it's still a bunch of entitled kids, that will most likely never make out to harlem, and could give a shit about the culture that generates real ideas. i mean we're talking about texas, and we all know only two things come from texas.

      Mar 20, 13 2:07 pm

      You clearly know nothing about the program(all you've seen is a 30 second youtube video) you're lumping in the entire state of Texas (26,000,000 people)....just stop it

      Mar 20, 13 6:54 pm

      Yeah, I'm going to listen to a lecture about the progressive state of Texas, you know the one about secession. Yeah, please, do tell. Oh, and while you're at it, tell me the one about how Texas elected the man that ultimately fucked this country in the ass. Please.

      Mar 20, 13 8:59 pm

      the culture that generates real ideas.

      what you mean bro?

      Mar 20, 13 9:49 pm

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