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    Hello Archinect.

    Alex Gomez
    Feb 1, '13 2:41 AM EST

    Hey Guys. My name is Alex Gomez.

    I am in my second year (Bachelor's) studying architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. I'll provide a brief background so there is a better understanding of who I am. I was born in Anaheim, CA in May of 1993, raised there until I was in the second grade, then I moved to my current home Santa Fe Springs. Growing up I played sports and built up my book of stories for all of my bruises and scares I have. I actually just added one story to the book this past summer, I cracked my head open when I attempted a gainer flip off a diving board at work (so nasty! 9 stitches). Anyways back to my life, I attended Santa Fe High School, I was involved and developed close relationships with teachers/counselors that helped guide me where I am today. I was admitted to Cal Poly Pomona right out of high school, and now I am here today focused on my architectural education.

    The program has been well worth it, my knowledge has expanded about quadruple since graduating from high school. Like any architecture program, there have been several all-nighters to go along with several funny moments. The first year of our program was focused on pure abstract design where I began to develop an understanding of spacial relationships. I developed strong relationships with both of my studio professors Orhan Ayyuce and Behn Samareh, who I have continued to stay in close contact with. The connection I built with Behn in my third quarter lead to summer work as his assistant. 

    The CPP architecture program has been under the radar for quite some time now, I want to give everyone a better understanding of our school's program and tell it how it is (the good ad the bad). I look to build relationships with neighboring and distant schools (in particular the LA branch). I will use this blog as a tool to expose Cal Poly and to document my architectural development. My former professor Orhan Ayyuce, has inspired me to start this blog. Shout out to my fellow CCP blogger Noam.

    Thats enough said for now. I'm looking forward to keep this ball rolling. 


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    • awesome...good luck with your studies...keep up the great attitude...There is a lot of negativity derived from the economy that has left many professional with a bad taste in there mouth...Have fun and enjoy the transformation process...

      Jorge Escamilla

      Class of 1997 Woodbury Univ...

      Feb 11, 13 1:35 pm

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