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    CSI Competition: Comprehensive Studios

    By jtwang
    Jan 20, '13 11:23 AM EST

    During finals week in December, twelve teams (two from each studio) competed at Iowa State for the CSI Prize. Participants were all grad students and undergrads in the last year of their education. Jurors were members of the Construction Specifications Institute or practitioners from Des Moines. This is considered an important competition, because it includes the work of all architecture students in their last required studio.

    The program was to design a music performance hall, the type of music varied based on studio and team. The original prompt called for jazz, although many designed it for experimental music as well. Here are some photos taken by Mitchell Squire, the faculty coordinator of the event.

    Steven and Dave present a project derived from an "instrument" that they constructed.

    Joey, Reed, and Qing present a House of Experimental Music.

    A grad student team, Mike and Adam, with a formally expressive combination of a tower and the protruding auditorium.

    Blake and Scott's project takes advantage of a diagrid system and a dramatic atrium.

    Hannah and Jasmine (third prize winners) design an elegant, respectful building in the context.

    Lindsey and Nate (undergrad and grad) present a rigorous and comprehensive buidling.

    Gabe, Justin, and Alicia present an impressive video of their project.

    Asa and John presents a bold and striking project that transforms nearby infrastructure.

    Students, critics, and parents observing the critiques.

    Brent and Thomas present a project whose sculptural aspects are also functional.

    Christianne and Yasmine design a clear, bold site strategy.

    A grad student team, Greg and Andy, shows us a project that is expressive of served and servant spaces.

    John and Jake present a rigorously resolved project that addresses contrasts in context and formality of performance.

    The center review space from above.

    Matt and Elissa (second prize winners) present a form that is functional and notable, for an interior program that legitimizes newer, younger styles of music.

    The upstairs review space.

    Justin (me), Dominick, and Jassim (first prize winners) design a highly flexible building that ties into the history of jazz music and Boston.

    Students waiting for the announcement of winners.

    The jurors making their final decisions.

    In other news, John Kerner and I are beginning a new semester in a studio titled "At Grade." Follow our progress at this blog:

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    • Jason Muller

      Great Work!

      Jan 26, 13 1:13 pm

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