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    s03 week eight

    Patrick Beseda
    Oct 16, '12 1:11 AM EST

    or at least it was last week. Was it? What day is it? Where did I get this #11 x-acto?

    That isn't too dark is it? I'm just a little disoriented. We are ramping up the efforts for our midterm review. Hyperanalyzing the site. Scrutinizing envelopes and program requirements. Crafting experiences. Designing for users (little ones, at that)... and regular sized ones.

    Things overheard during critiques:

    • "A building that meets the functional requirements is not enough."
    • "A solution that is beautiful but does not work is not acceptable."
    • "That doesn't make sense."
    • Oh, I didn't mention the 100,000 L potable water cistern? Oops."

    Making poetry is hard.

    /delusional reflections

    insert mediocre drawings from project thus far/

    In a constant effort to distract myself from studio I did this:

    Hand sketch, scanned, digitized, vectorized, lasered. It's a birthday present for a great friend at Univesity of Minnesota. He's a art student so I can pretty much guarantee he'll never see this.

    Midterm is Monday. Hear from me after that.

    I should go back to drawing/x-actoing tiny little louver details...

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